Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


20 gold on the big one!




Cmon @Order-Of-Witchcraft
I wanna see what your fuckin parkour Gods can do…
Step the fuck up to the plate!!


Ill propose a challenge…

Cause im legit curious about what you got.
Take me on in a magical war, cause sufficient damage, and ill take you under my wing and teach you and share some power, give tips, etc


Lmao this is what we should do to the new ones :joy::metal:


Where is this nigga at :expressionless:


Welcome to the community.


Stretching for the battle, duh


Haha i love this forum already…give me a couple of minutes


Most likely jumping over a wall or something :v:


Running across roofs, flipping in the air as he hops across building to building. :sunglasses:


I’m actually looking for the person who asked what I deemed most information as “regurgitation”…I look forward in visiting you right now in all honesty.


That wasnt me, but if you wanna fight/train Im down :smiling_imp:


I’d most enjoy a “higher up” battle, lest you humor me. Because what I was referring to textually was, is…“will/base/desire” is regurgitation and like my brother VK said…like M.W.Ford is that my brother EA will only give you general knowledge to help you begin understanding, innerstanding, overstanding yourseld, lest you need more beyond that. I just enjoy watching. I could give all this shit for free haha.


LOL Micah, i almost hate the etymology composition of the first 4 letters of your name. Which also arouses me. Were you the one asked me what was regurgitated info and asked me to magick battle?


He most likely went where all bullies go when their intimidation doesn’t work, and they get called out on their shit. Home to mommy with their tail between their legs.


Not me, but i know who did probably
Cause she accused me of having regurgitated info too


This is just too good. I’ll welcome anyone on this forum to Washington D.C. …and see what happens :slight_smile:


Funny, most seek EA’s information and inner-spire, yet he is a fellow brother of mine…he’d only have to channel as the Astwihad current that guided the Azi-Dohak teachings. I’m just going to laugh right now. Take care folks.


Ordo Ascendum Aetyrnalis? @Nefarion