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OK My name is Julius Daniel I am from Nigeria actually I am not a magician neither am I a shaman but for about 3yrs now I’ve been trying to get in touch with LUCIFER but all my efforts are void but OK i’ld say I’m probably A lazy Satanist because I have not tried my best as much as possible at times I try to convince myself that I have all faith in LUCIFER but again deep down in me I start doubting again but my main point is that I want to be guided on how to get in contact physically with LUCIFER so I can pour out my heart to him thank you sir


Welcome to the forum, you might like to start off with this book;
( Only kidding, good to have you with us )


Haha good to be here. :slight_smile:


I am new to the “arts”…of magick…its been about 18 months, but I still find myself learning. So there so much information I have to say, I’m barely crawling.

I go by Heavens Dove…

I am naturally gifted with (day) visions and. (Dreams) night visions. Some times I can touch someone and see things. But usually related to myself.

I am looking for a Coven. A family.
I was recently attacked. Where my luck turned.

Not sure if it was a law of Rhythm where the pendelum swung back, or a out right attack.


Welcome :revolving_hearts:


Your story sounds so painful. I really hope that you will experience only the best now in your life and it will come into order.

No tree can reach to heaven if it’s roots didnt reach to hell.


Hello I’m Amber

I was raised wiccan my whole childhood and drifted away from magic for many years coming back around I realized quickly that the right hand path was not what I was looking for after a little research and talking with a couple friends I know I felt like the left hand path is where I belong I am brand new at all of this and am more trying to figure out a good place to start this journey any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you


Hi I’m Morgana I suppose in Camelot the history says that it’s a witch who had many lovers as opposed to being in the present day somehow I feel that times I’m 20000 years old could this be true I have no idea. my magic started I was in puberty I believe I have done things I have no way of explaining nor do I know how the life created the life and

that has been ended I know I was responsible how I do not know I’m not bragging I realize it’s a responsibility that I need to undertake and study so I can fulfill my purpose in this life. I’ve literally destroyed churches …protected my son.
kinds of magic that I like to study shamanism some astrology channeling telekinesis empathy psychic powers communication with spirits taoism protection and reversal magick also black belt protection spirit animals the elements…I hug trees… Astral projection tarot cards I have several daemon tarot thoth, enochian tarot, I also have fairy lenormand Oracle cards. Scribing Charkras Awakening the Kundalini and Abraham and the Seven Arch Daevas within and sex magic.
My current goals ultimately to hold the lightning bolt. I’m working on the 4 hell’s, the Qlippothic orders of demons on the tree of death including the five accursed Nations working on for almost 2 years and a day. More recently I’ve begun evocation with Lucifer, Lucifer Amaymon and Belial and the nine Kings. I’ve been working in the Underworld for almost 3 years I go there sporadically as time allows my most recent visit was to meet my shadow self and two become friends.
My current struggles I have based mostly on evil thought evil speech evil action an endless Darkness are the pathway to happiness and success. Openness, complete trust n love. I am struggling with the errors in my ways as changing old patterns and finding new patterns of enlightenment and happiness. I will not settle my goal is for complete satisfaction in all that I do.


I’m new. I like demons, demons like me.

Love the dark, always have.


My name is James , i’m from italy, i’d like to try crazy things and become more powerfull :wink:


Hi my name is Colt I am new here, I don’t know the first thing about any of this and would like to learn I also don’t know anything about magic, my current goals are just to learn about anything and my current struggles just trying to find a place to fit into and find myself.
Thank you.


Hello, my name is Christina. I’ve been lurking for a few days in order to get a sense of what this community is like. It’s rare that I actually take this step and introduce myself, but it feels good here. Knowledge and likeminded connections is what I’m in need of at at this time, so here I am.

I am new on this path, but it feels like a calling that’s always been there. I love to research and learn and have found this forum quite resourceful - Thank you. I will most likely stay quiet in the background for a while, but hopefully will find my voice soon and contribute.


By letting go my normal modes and habits of expression that contain hidden assumptions and implications I can increase the accuracy of my translation and the positiveness of my readings


Truthfulness and logical…
Do or do not but do not try


Hi everyone,

I’m Thilil,

I hope I’m posting this in the right place as i’m terrible at navigating forums. I’m in Australia, from African/Asian decent and I’m a witch by birth through my mother and grandmothers on both sides. I’m also raised Catholic and spent the first half of my life practising Catholicism and witchcraft at home. Now in my late thirties, I’m a kitchen witch and I practice black magick for myself and loved ones and white magick for others- these are terms I have learnt in the western world , where I come from it is all just magick.

I am used to working with curses and root work passed on through family and I have only just discovered working with demons in the specific ways mentioned on this forum.

I am grateful for the resources this site offers and for the information others provide and hope to learn from the community.

I can see, hear, smell and feel from the other side, same as my mother and grandmothers.

Things I struggle with is keeping the modern, outside world and everyday life from interrupting my abilities and I’m finding that as I get older and busier with life and kids I am struggling to quiet my keep focus and contact with the unseen world.

I had been pretty lucky to get through life unharmed, until recently when I experienced harm and threat of harm to my children, it was that which brought me looking for help and guidance from demons and that brought me here.

I have no formal training, I haven’t learnt about most of the terms i see used here on the forum, my practises are familial and most of what we do is kept secret and within our family, but I am interested in reading about everyone’s different paths and learning.

Thank you for having me and for allowing such diversity.


Hello all!
Not sure where to start so I’ll just list some random stuff related to me, My family has always had a foot halfway into occult/magic related stuff through Native Americans through my great grandmothers side, my LHP aunt, and my LHP great uncle whom all fueled my interest in the occult, which has culminated in me being LHP geared. I’ve also had weird haunting related stuff like loaves of bread flying 20 feet across the room without warning, which didn’t scare me, as I just scolded whatever did it.
I’m very new in the occult, only about 2 years in with me only working on my basics like Energy building, meditative trances, projection/out of body using monroes techniques and I’m beginning to dabble into evocations.

My goals occult wise are to more effectively perform evocations through a LHP style. As for why I’m doing it? I’m not really sure. I have no overarching goals for piles of money or harems. The only goal I can think of lifewise would be to go after human trafficking, as thats a field I’m currently progressing towards through higher education.

I’ve been lurking these forums for a little over 2 months and now wanna get off the fence to join in the fun here.

Thank you guys for having a community like this where all people from all walks can meet, discuss new ideas/cooperate, teach, and learn from others all over the world.Looking forward to working with you all and maybe making a few buddies in the process.


Wait, what? Magic gives harems? Sweet.
I like your goals. Much.


Haha, It was hyperbole/jackassery


I know…I was being silly. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What?! A big bad black magician being silly? Gods forbid. What is this multiverse coming to! :stuck_out_tongue: