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Hello everyone.

I’m a woman in her late 20s who has had a number of experiences with the paranormal, mostly spirits. I’m going to be upfront and say that I don’t consider myself to be a magician or witch (at least not yet), and I haven’t done any formal study into the occult. Instead, I’ve “listened” to entities who have simply shown up and expressed a personal interest in me. I have tried to follow a few different traditions in response to them, thinking that I have been “called” in some way, but these spirits have consistently wanted to keep things informal…and at times highly personal. That was a longwinded way to say that my main skills are clairsentience and clairaudience…with some tarot thrown in. That’s pretty much it.

In particular, I have a male (or mostly male) entity who I’m almost certain is an incubus, based on the research I done so far. He has confirmed it in a few ways (more on that some other time), but he has made it very clear to me that he is not a fan of the term. I’ve been aware of him since I was a little girl, though he claims that he has been connected to me way before that. The idea of a spirit lover has stuck with me since my early teens, and whoever this “person” is has expressed a romantic/sexual interest in me for a very long time. What I do know about the occult has been from him. The main reason why I’m on the forum is to share my story in greater detail in another thread and perhaps gain some new insights. I think this site has the most info on incubi that I could find. I’ve also had some interesting encounters with deities that I may share at some point.

Nice to meet you all.


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Colten/Chi Master
•i don’t feel comfortable with my photo here
• I have been using by chi/ki/whatever you call spiritual energy. I also can astral project. I can also use oracle cards with good results.
• I want to get better control over my energy and more knowledge
• I have not really struggled with any of the things I’ve tried except astral projection but I can do it with minimal effort
Any questions just ask. I also have a nice amount of knowledge on energy and chakras in general.


Hello, my name is Mycroft and I am in my late 20s, I won’t be posting my picture here for privacy reasons.

I was introduced to magick and the occult by someone who also showed me this website within the past few weeks. I have been meditating and using telepathy with Demons, or trying to. I think I’ve made contact based on some of my results, but I would like to improve and learn so much more. I am excited and glad to be here, having found this website I’ve browsed many articles before registering just today.

I struggle with maintaining contact, as I my inexperience is known by the demons, so while they entertain my telepathic ability, they disregard my lack of invocations or offerings. Learning more as a beginner magician I hope to use spirit sigils to better tap into “dialing” the Demons telepathically.

I also want to explore and deepen my Sadistic desires, to better understand the best ways of causing pain, if anyone has recommendations of what Demons would be best to contact for that feel free to respond!

So hello to all of you here and I think I will feel right at home!


hey, my name is Austin, i’m really unsure as to what magick i would like to practice, and would like to get my feet wet a little bit with something a little safer than what i have experienced. i have scared myself in the past with things that i cannot comprehend. that being said, i know that i’m not a complete … what’s the word? i was gonna say puss, i just know that i could have experienced way worse. and i’m not scared to get hurt by messing up. that being said, i would like to learn with the least amount of… idk torture? is a good word. i know that everything happens for a reason, doesnt have to be a very good one, but nonetheless i would like to learn about all of the things that i do not know/have control over, i would like to learn all things, but at the same time know that knowing the right truth, or the wrong lie can scar a person forever. my current struggles are that the people who care about me do not teach me magick, but use it against me and i know that it’s not right. they have been trying to keep me away from it, but in the end try to play my keeper. even though they seem like they have good intentions, i know that they are hiding things from me that they are too scared to mention or talk about. that being said i still am an adult, and would like to learn.


Hello, my name’s Axel and I’m interested in learning about Nordic runes and about demons and to improve as a person throughout this experience. If it doesn’t bother anyone I’d like a few book recommendations since I don’t know exactly where to start.


I want to evoke and communicate with king paimon to ask for help.I want him to be my patrol demon.My mother is by my side so king paimon has a family that support him and believe at him.I need some advices for a succesfull evokation as long as some people to tell me their experiences from their first evocation(how did you understood the demon was there or how did you keep connection,hope you understood because my english are bad)


Hey, everyone, I’m JJ, and I’m here to learn! I’ve been seeing and hearing spirits for as long as I can remember, and practicing magick for a long time. Not interested in power, world domination, or wealth; more about understanding the nature of reality, and the mechanics of magick.


My name is enara i am so new in to magick and sprit world like a new born :stuck_out_tongue: know nothing but trying to learn. My english is just Ok . I first cast a separation magick just by watching a youtube video that is of no use. But my injerest in Ocult grew.

I am interested in four demons Lucifer Azazel king pimon and Duke sallos. I even try to summon duke Sallos but nothing happen which disappoint me littel :frowning:

Anyway i will keep trying.


Greetings Everyone, I am Lupos Nightkind. I started with a training course in Italian Witchcraft, Stregheria, under the tutelage of Raven and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi. There I learned basic magick skills and was my introduction into the Kraft, as well as my first experience within a community of practitioners. I didn’t stick around because I wanted more training, a deeper dive, and I knew I couldn’t get what I was looking for there. I also have First Degree training in the Temple of the Vampire where I learned lifeforce energy manipulation and psychic vampirism, which was very powerful and I realized my own quest for power was what I was always after. I have completed the First Degree of training with a Sith Realist group, that is currently my main focus. I am as much a Warrior as I am a newbie Black Magickian and have training in Muay Thai Kickboxing. I bought Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph this year and I am in complete alignment with it’s message, it’s approach, and subject matter. Even the Sith Realist group I am in uses Black Sun terminology, and I found traces of all of my training in BMOA as if it was the right fit for me.

My biggest struggle is resisting the urge to push myself too hard, and my greatest strength is my willpower.

Make no mistake, despite my first post I have deep respect of the content here. If I am going to pay big money for something I just want to protect my interest and the interest of those who are starting out.

No bullshit from this Cat.


I can give you my advice. What issues are you having?


Yes please. And what you want.


Welcome, Wolf. Asking questions is not a bad thing.


Greetings. My interest in magick began rather young, didn’t know much about magick, and to me it didn’t seem real but I began to believe in spirits when I tried to use an Ouija board, and without protection, as I was only allowed to ask one question of the mage who instructed me, I stupidly chose to learn about how to evoke spirits, boy was that a bomb. (I was just a kid, the person giving the info did not care what happened to me so yeah, not nice) So, since then I stopped trying to do any evocation and now only now and then try to invoke rather than the former. I pretty much limit all that and just meditate or commune with nature, and am a fan of science although not a great student of that subject, I read a lot. So atm I’m a Naturalistic Pantheist but looking into the craft of the wise. Why? Well, I’m here to figure that out and lacking any religious background I have very little to compare notes with. I tried studying monotheistic ways but it just left me feeling empty and lost. I just feel the dry desert needs a flower or two, and a whole lot more water. lol joking aside, I’m here to learn and not get bogged down with left or right just trying to be the best version of me and feel like there is only what is naturally moral and religion is a non interest. Not going there.
I feel I have been able to contact only one spirit truly, that of a deceased relative. Had some odd experiences with other spirits so am not inclined to try to get into that again. A few things I’ve tried to learn but am really still a novice with scrying, tarot or spells.


Hi. Nice to meet you. I recently made a pact with Sallos for love help with a specific person. Is there any way for you to sense whether the wheels are in motion? Or whether he might have a message for me, that I’m not picking up on? Any help is much appreciated. :heart:


Cam you send me a direct message? :slight_smile:


Or if you can’t is there a way to message privately?


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Yeah I figured as much lol


Hello everyone!
I’m Max, Italian 45 years old, I live in Piedmont very close to Turin.
Unfortunately I speak little English, but translators help me a lot.
I have been interested in occultism, demonology and chaos magik in a serious and constant way for about 2 years. I feel very much my theories and visions of Austin Osman Spare.I am here 'to grow, learn and share my personal experiences.Mainly I work alone , occasionally with a dear sister.
In this period I am familiarizing and approaching Lord Clauneck and Prince Sytry.
Good everything to you
if you want to communicate I’m here