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Hello, all. Cud Key here. I’m a film artist working with found materials, a non-hedonistic gay man, very independent-minded, 7 years sober, and have been preoccupied with spiritual subjects… forever. Whilst on the right-hand path, I did a lot of study and meditation in the Advaita tradition. Of late, I’ve been feeling the call back to the Western occult traditions that I studied as a child. Today was my first contact with the great Duke Sallos. I whispered EA’s words of calling forth, charged Sallos’ sigil with my intention, chanted his enn… and within minutes, I made a tangible emotional connection with him. I made my request and detailed my offerings, parting with a request for some sign from him. Less than a minute later, I was standing outside in a spot where I often go. I looked over at a large dumpster in front of me, which I pass by all the time but never notice, and right on the side of it was a sticker with the image of a crocodile head - emerging from what looks like a blood crown. I’m so excited and gratified by this; am prepared to be patient while he works on my behalf; and wondering what comes next.


Hi. Im Nonku.
New to this forum and very new to this. I come from a Christian background, but over the last 4 years have since discovered that there is a whole different ball game to the one I was indoctrinated in. Im here to learn, explore and become the best version of my self. Super excited.


My name is Cal. For the sake of anonymity, I don’t want to post photos.

I’m just recently discovering magick. I like darker magical energies as I’ve had an affinity to it before I knew I did. I recently accepted that and its opened a new spectrum of communication with spirits and demons.

Goals, hmm I suppose I want to harness my spiritual energy and find affinity to my newly bonded succubus. Oh I’ve also been in contact with a demon that follows me everywhere I go, but we haven’t been friends until recently. Its touch and go but we recently had a mental talk of things out and handshaking.

Struggles I would have to say are not draining all my energy, finding inner peace with my ability and recognizing that I will have shortcomings but not giving up.
I also noticed I can make weaker minded people do menial tasks like go over here or say good morning to me. I’m worried subconsciously I do this to people and could be harming them inadvertently. And no judgements but I really hope people don’t just think I’m crazy. I haven’t shared any of this with anyone else.


Sure. What exactly do you want to know or ask of him?


Hello I’m Katrol,

I’m Canadian born and raised by catholic Haitian parents so my starter interest to the occult was obviously my ancestors practice… Haitian Vodou :haiti: I’m also drawn to the Goetia.
My goal is to gain knowledge.


Welcome to the forum @katrol, @Nicodemonick, @daughterofthesoil, and @cudkey! Enjoy the ride!


I read before you said you have a strong connection with Amon, are you able to connect with him for other people ?


I’m able to connect with any spirits especially the goetia demons, for anyone or myself.


Hey im katie!
I’m quite new to this but have read loads already and I’m really trying to get places especially with evoking Duke Sallos right now! Any help is always appreciated and I hope I can get better at this with time :heart:


hi, everyone.
I’m Capt.R.H, new to this forum and new to Magick as well.
I’ve been interested in metaphysics all my life, when 10 years old, read about spirits and try to connect with them, fast forward to present, I find my passion for magick after seeing E.A.koetting videos and then reading his works.
My first goal is to develop competencies to communicate with all kinds of entities
really excited about evocation and sigil magick
want to find a spiritual mentor that helps me to ascent, think about Azazel And Belial
And along with my spiritual ascent, use magick strategically to solve my mundane problems and build my Empire on earth.
happy to find this place that we can find like-minded people and shares our experiments
p.s: English is not my native language, so excuse my mistakes


Hi, I’m Sebastian. I’m a Satanist and practice sigil magic.
I’m struggling with meditation and I’m trying to summon Furfur. I found about her on JoS and at first sight I felt some bond, on a ritual to know who are my guardians I got her name along with Foras and Marchosias but I’m afraid I got it just because my thoughts influenced the ritual, I’m kind of the type of person that falls in love too easily.
I wish to make the universe a better place by working with demons.


Is there anyway you could contact Dantalion on my behalf please?


Please help me I’m in need too I’d be forever grateful :blush:


Hello from Transilvania.

'87 Tantra & Healing Master.
Happy to see open minded forums like this.

Hail Satan!


Sure. Please refer to my last replies as to what you’d like to know from him.


After you’ve helped him maybe you can help me :heart_eyes: only if you’re free of course x I’m just having trouble summoning them myself :frowning:


Thank you!! You are a life saver! What details do you need from me? Both our names and any photos?



I’m quite new to all this. It started some months ago when I came into contact with some entity in the darkness, it showed me red vision and blanketed me with comfort. I thanked it and that’s all that happened.

Now, I’m seeking a succubus partner but I’m having trouble. Reading the forums and blogs have helped a lot, but I need advice badly. So, I’ll be making a post in the proper area if anyone wants to take a gander.

One other thing, since doing research on magick and stuff, I’ve found myself to be happier even if I’m struggling with summoning a succubus.


Hello all. Bearing in mind that this is the internet, for now i am keeping anonymity as a high priority, so I won’t be posting a picture, or giving my real name. I hope no one takes issue with that. I’m sure if I stick around and get to know some of you, that might change in the future, but for now that’s what I am most comfortable with. You can just call me Wolf, or Wolfie if you prefer.
First off, I want to begin by saying I am not here to troll anyone. I know that’s a pretty bad way to start an introduction, but please, let me explain.
I find it hard to believe in anything that can’t be explained or proven. That’s not to say I don’t want to believe in something, though. I consider myself agnostic, I am by no means wise enough to know. for a fact, anything. So if I ask questions, please don’t be offended. Any questions I may ask are to get a better understanding, or I am trying to get clarification, not to offend or insult, which will never be my intention. If in doubt about anything I ask, please ask me to clarify.
That being said, I’ve always been fascinated by the origins of faith and religion (not Judeo-Christian religion, that’s just boring). I am talking about ancient beliefs, where did they come from, how did they start, how have they changed over the millennia? If any of this really exists, where did these deities come from? Something had to be there before them, what was it? How did they come about? Why?
Or is this all just a way for primitive humans to explain fire, and lightening from the sky, and death?
I find it hard to convince myself that there is anything supernatural; I’ve tried, and it just doesn’t work. I’ve had friends take me to “haunted” or “spiritual” places, places where they’ve sworn that they’ve seen or experienced things, but when I’m around nothing seems to happen. If there is something more to this life, why don’t we all know for a fact? Why can’t we all see it?
I don’t buy pat answers like “you don’t want to see it so you can’t”, because that’s just not true. No one knows why gravity works, but we know it does. We think it’s due to the curvature of space and time, but we don’t know, and even if you convince yourself that it doesn’t exist, I still wouldn’t recommend trying to jump off a roof. If something is real, it’s real whether you believe in it or not (that’s a bastardized version of what Neil deGrasse Tyson said). If I go to a “haunted house”, whether or not I believed in them, if they’re there I should still encounter them, right?
But then I think of St Elmo’s Fire. Sailors used to think of it as a mystical or religious event, now we know the scientific reason for it. Are these actually deified beings, or is this a case of split-brain where one half of the brain talks to the other, and interprets it as a different being?
Again, I am not trying to insult anyone, but I am trying to learn, and if I am really lucky, find something to believe in.
So, thanks for reading, and I look forward to getting to know some of you better!


Welcome to the forum @Wolfsheim, @Madman44, @KittyKat, @salariatu, @Seby, and @Capt.R.H !