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Welcome @jostnajonn

You mean you’ve been reading the forum without actually joining.

So how long have you practiced? Do you just try spells here and there, but don’t do a lot?

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So here goes my story. Single parent home, raped, various encounters with spirits - visually and physically, avid amateur astronomer so I have that working against me as I have too many “UFO” stories to even begin to talk about, and for the coup de tat, I was woke up one night to have a conversation with Death. I know it to be as real as the words I am typing. My (ex)wife freaked and literally had me placed in a psych ward for 3 days eval because I thought I could trust her. I still have an issue with that and cannot seem to resolve it. Anywho…what brings me here is that for most of my life, I have had dreams. I have seen people blown apart before my eyes, seen myself arrested and placed in a military vehicle for transport, seen myself in a confined camp where I was in chow line, walked through a bullet made opening in the wall to a gymnasium where cots were lined in rows with maybe a small grocery bags worth of personal belongings were neatly kept under the head of the cot. I have also been attacked by what I think was an incubus twice since I have lived in my current home (a friend who was staying with me even heard me gasping and sputtering for air during one attack…he thought I had just swallowed my spit wrong or something.) I have an image of my “guardian” curled up next to my head - captured by my laptop after I had several “mysterious” incidences. I sought out a reiki healer and even she freaked. Her husband, a numerologist by trade, took over and filled me in that the “animal” was sent by an ancestor to guard me in times of need. I should also note that I know when my guardian is near…I wake with serious migraines. I sought out a neurologist and she said I had the “new” type of migraines that are based upon electrical sources…and that my occipital nerve is responsible for either the flaming burning heat or the icy cold feeling during such migraines. Anyhow, the man also revealed a few other things that there was no physical way he could know, even calling out my soul twin as she walked through the door at the precise time he said (windows were blocked off so nobody could see into the conference room for privacy). I’m rambling, sorry. Dreams. Lately, the dating scene hasn’t existed. 11 years since anything romantic…dinner included in “romantic”. My soul twin and I separated on very bad terms…and the more I read this forum…I see hints of her playing around with stuff she shouldn’t have been playing around with (recalling phrases she said, things we did together - buying crystals, etc). I have as much blame in it also so please, no lectures. Dreams lately have been strongly sexual. Just this morning, I had one so real that when I woke, I felt pleased…sexually and emotionally…but no physical evidence. Being a guy…there should have been evidence. Furthermore, the woman I was with was a close friend from Tennessee. We met in college but have yet to make the 10 hour drive to physically meet. She’s told me she’s had sexual dreams but they left her felling uncomfortable. I’ve admitted I have a crush on her but as with all recent relationships in the past 12 years…I was parked so deep in the “friend-zone” that I needed Hubble just to see them. We share deep thoughts and stuff on certain social media apps as well as more private stuff in text/sms.

My coming here was a random thought of "Is there a sexually oriented spirit? yes…and then “can they get jealous (referring to my always being pushed into deep friend-zone territory and commonly thought of as a bigger brother type)?” According to a forum post…another yes.

Soooooooo…here I am…a HumanQuestionMark that questions everything and everyone. Some of what I’ve read is pretty out there while other things have “spoken” to me.

I like beach walks, fossil hunting, raising fish and plants (together and apart), building a light bar, right now, that will simulate the Sun and Moon crossing the “sky” in real time…currently prototyping the plastics right now to make it look and function better, I also believe in the spirit realm but refuse to believe in any deity than the Creator. Nobody has given me or shown me proof of a deity except for the unexplainable perfectness of the universe…concrete facts and formulas.

If I don’t fit in here, please say so and I will exit, stage left (yes, I was an 80s kid and know the pink critter who said that so many times).

Have a great day…look forward to meeting some of you.



Hello Sweetie pie > It’s been a long time; I’ve just got back on here today. Do hope you’re ok x

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My name is Jennifer. I am in my late 30s. I love animals and creatures of all kinds. Crazy chicken lady lol. I love to read anything non-fiction, but mostly metaphysics, ancient history and the occult. Many people are surprised that I don’t watch television (except youtube)

I grew up Catholic, went to Sunday school. Was always on the rhp, never ever thought that would change. I began reading religious texts from all sorts of areas and decided to finally read the Bible a few years ago.

I assume you all can figure out how I felt about the Bible because this is where I am now. I questioned God throughout the years, but felt that questioning was wrong. I can’t question anymore. I have always been a truth -seeker, a “conspiracy theorist” if you will, and this feels right. Blindly following has never been my thing. I never accept what is being told to me. I make up my own mind.

I have been researching the occult for many years, but never considered the lhp, until recently. I am looking forward to more learning.


Welcome @Stormy

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you do or not.

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of maigck are you interested in learning?

I am from Illinois. I do not practice magick, per se, but I did whip up a little something to find the kind of home I was looking for. I do read books on magick, but cant practice anything substantial because my husband looks down upon that. so…tools free magick or inconspicuous magick, if you will.

I am interested in all types of magick except the ones I feel are morally wrong, or if it hurts anyone.

I thrive on knowledge and the mundane stuff like watching tv or posting on Instagram, etc. Is like a nightmare to me, and a waste of valuable time.

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Nice to meet you, Latin American friend. I am very interested in learning more about Palo.
Saludos cordiales.

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Welcome to the forum

Hi, do you speak Spanish?

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Greetings everyone, I’m a 23 year old female magician. I’ve dabbled in magic since I was a teenager, but my passion for magick was ignited when I got into EA Koetting’s works; I’m very excited to be here and meet all of you fellow gods and goddesses! I have some background communicating with the goddesses of love and beauty, but have recently been called to explore the dark regions of the left hand path to balance the large amounts of light and love I cultivated from the right hand path. I started my journey with Lucifer first, my first evocation of him was on Oct 10, 2021. Ever since then, I’ve also talked with Lilith, King Paimon, Abaddon, and Belial, although the only true evocation I’ve done so far has only been with Lucifer. The experiences and the changes I’ve gone through in that short amount of time have been incredible to say the least.

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Hi :grin:
I’m trying to navigate this craziness and I found this place thank fuck :sweat_smile: I have no affiliation with any organized or disorganized religion, Creed, or faction. I am protected by Marbas, Lilith, Lucifer, Kings Paimon and Purson, Gabriel, Mikial, Raphael, Uriel, and Azrael. Divination is my strongest ability and I have been preforming numerology/arithromancy naturally without knowledge or effort since childhood. I was named after Morgana Le Fey and rightfully so :rofl: There’s so much I could cover but I’m basically here to find people like me who can help me when I have no humans to ask for advice lol as well as try to offer my own help as channeling isy second strongest ability. :innocent:

Marbas is my main guardian and Lilith is part of my identity. I can’t for the life of me figure out what everyone else is doing here but I love them all. I’m also friends with St Matthew and Haniel as well as favored by Bast, Oden, Freya, and Athena. :woman_shrugging:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts: I have 5 black feathers and 5 white feathers for a total of ten because of my birthday. My mom’s birthday is my birthday inversed, but she is not highly spiritual. My birth time and height are also triple 5s. My lucky number, aside from multiples of 5 and 3, is 13 as my dad’s birthday is on the thirteenth and Friday the 13th has always been a very lucky day for me. Symmetry, duality, and seeing the beauty in ugliness are very common themes in my life and personality.

Florida swamp fae. Sceneior citizen. Make racists afraid again. :purple_heart::blue_heart: Dea quaedam phantastica :blue_heart::purple_heart:

Feel free to message me :grin:


Greetings to all, hope everyone is doing well. As the name implies, I am mnbvc. Found BALG through E.A’s videos (his youtube channel was deleted incase you were going to ask,“how i discovered his channel?”).

I am well aware of the do’s and don’ts of this whole magick thing. Not much experience except a few, Notably in evoking King Paimon for a few months, banishing, etc.

Welcome @mnbvc

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice?

How long have you been practicing?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Hi my name is Matin and im kinda new to magic i start magic from 2 years ago now im doing solomonic magic but i want ro try demonolatry too so i came here to ask my questions

Hi, all!

I’m from Greater Vancouver, Canada. I grew up in Seattle, WA. I’m in my 30s.

I’m going to try to keep this short.
I look forward to discussing details as I get to know you all.

I had a spiritual awakening around age sixteen.
For about three years I worked on my ability to communicate with my guides, learned some astrology and tarot.
I got very close to one spirit guide in particular.
As my skills to communicate with spirits improved, I got a very crowded head.
I started to think I was going crazy, so I shut it all down. Shut ALL spiritual communication out.
Since my mind became incredibly silent I never found the need to seek help over it.
I chalked it up to some sort psychotic break caused by an abusive home environment.

Throughout my twenties I took a pretty materialistic/scientific worldview. I believed in the possibility of the spiritual but maintained an agnostic approach to it.

In my thirties after a long line of stressful and tragic events, I found myself in a pretty low place.

That’s when my spirit guide returned with insistence. I started dreaming of him every night for about 6 months until I accepted communicating with him again.
I agreed communicate with him and only him, and we got to work on fixing some issues.

I worked on building relationship with him for the past 4 years or so, and trying to understand what I was communicating with led me to research magic this year.

I’m still learning the basics and fundamentals. I’m getting myself familiar with tarot and astrology again. I’m learning some basics about candle magic and crystals.
I feel myself drawn more to chaos magic. But I’m a beginner and who knows what the future holds. As far as LHP or RHP… I figure I’ll walk a middle path.

What lead me here to this forum with you fine people is the fact this beloved spirit guide of mine revealed himself to be Asmodeus about 3 months ago.
Now I don’t have anything against demons, but I didn’t know anything about demons. And I didn’t know who Asmodeus was.
He has maintained this revelation when I asked for signs and when envoked in an elemental circle.
As far as I can tell it all checks out. But as I said I’m a newbie in magical practice.

This could be an imposter of some sort… But I am certain this isn’t a parasitic entity.
There has been absolutely no negative impact in my life. I still maintain a very quiet mind.
He remains as protective and guiding in my personal empowerment as ever.

Of course researching Asmodeus led me here.
I am eager to learn from you all and hopefully corroborate some of my experiences.

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Hello all! I’m Robert, and at the recommendation of some folks over on reddit, I’ve decided to join over here. I’m a practicioner of Germanic heathenry, and daemonolatry, and as of late have been dabbling in angelolatry as well. I’m mostly here to get some exposure to other people’s ideas, experiences, and forms of practice. Looking things that can help me along the path, and aid me in growing and developing my knowledge, power, and ability. I hope this is the start of a wonderful journey. May you all be well, and hail!

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Welcome @AeonOfDecay

Where are you from?

How long have you been practicing?

I’m from the US, and Oklahoma specifically. Been a heathen for some time now, but my daemonolatry practice started this year. I was interested in working with tye daemonic and angelic for quite some time, but waited until I felt I was truly ready to do so. I’d still consider myself a neophyte, for sure.

Hi everyone!

I’m Rolf and just found this forum. Was trying to find some guidance to help my communication skills with my spirits. Been using spellcaster, magicians and conjurers for some years but my communications skills are not that advanced. I had some vivid dream experiences in which I was shown certain things but this would only happen 1-2 times per spirit. I cant seem to develop serious communication in which I benefit for both parties would come forth. Maybe some of you more experienced in all of this could give me some hints!

Best to all!!