Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Welcome everyone :blush:

A.M.A: Magician use all known magical systems to manifest his desires …Enjoy magic experiences more than anything… feels love and respect for angels, demons and spirits in general. @MorpheusDarkson

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@A.M.A Please introduce yourself properly. Your post tells us nothing about you or your experience in magick, and does not meet the criteria of a proper introduction.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

What areas of magick are you interested in?


Hi, please do tell us a bit more about yourself, as requested. :+1:

Hi everyone!
I live in Canada, you can call me whatever you’d like. (My pronouns are she/her)
I like to use tarot cards and do much more hands-on magick.
I really want to be more advanced in energy magick. About how you can change your aura, and vibration easily. And Spirits also really intrigue me.
I’m quite inexperienced to this, so any help is greatly appreciated.

[quote=“A.M.A, post:8464, topic:3232”]
Magician use all known magical systems to manifest his desires …Enjoy magic experiences more than anything… feels love and respect for angels, demons and spirits in general…work currently with POM,GOM,BALG stuff,some of old-new grimories such as book of oberon ,black pullet,Icelandic Grimoires,grand grimorie, grimorie verum,abramalien,razaiel sepher,kabbalah,arabic magic,Islamic magic, and black magic in genral…I am from EGYPT… @DarkestKnight

hello am alfred, am mostly into white magic, my goal is to grow in spirit and also in the material world, am currently struggling financially

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Welcome @Leftie

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you actually practice anything.


I am dylen and i have mainly practiced with astral projection, but i have had no luck. My goal is to get closer to real magick. i have been studying Egyptian gods and am curious about knowledge and wisdom. I am not too sure i want to go too deeply into black magick, but i am looking for someone to guide me in understanding exactly what magick is. I am not really seeking power or anything specific, but I would like to open the door to possibilities.


Hello Everyone. My name is Anastasia . I live in the Uk and I am joining the forum to learn from others experiences and to share my own experiences with other like minded folks.

I have practised Magick since I was 14. I had an interest in Wicca and after a few years break in my early twenties, I began exploring other Religions and questioning my Catholic upbringing .

This led to me finding my own path nearly about 8 years ago with Goetic spirits and Lucifer.

I presently work with Belial most frequently, whilst also having a good working relationship with others such as Raum, Bune, Glasya Labolas to name a few.

I am always looking to progress and learn more from more experienced practitioners, hence why I am drawn to the forum.

I am quite a solitary person and I enjoy nature, animals and old fashioned Witchcraft and Paganism


Alright, my name is Lyu, I am a former user returning again. Requested past account to be terminated for a fresh start. I am Polytheistic, mostly on the Satanic path. 25. I’ve worked with most higher Demons, and mostly now would like to try new things in magick. I have worked with Nordic Gods, not for me, primarily I am now working with Goetic demons.

I am very open to messages and suggestions on things I post, I think I will mostly ask about people’s experiences in certain rituals, I’d like to get into self transformation overall.


North or south England?

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South, Basingstoke area

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Hi all, excited to be here! my name is Tao, 32 and from CPH Denmark.
I grew up with yoga and tantra, as parents are yogis, so that have been filling my life from time to time since birth. 8 years ago I started researching into the occult and the many different aspects of magick. reading way too much, doing way too little. always searching the most powerfull techniques.

First the recent years been going deeper into it, with rituals, and different workings.
I have had a weird time trying to find a path for way too long. and hoping this forum and a course from E.A. may help to clear some roads, and kick my ass out the road, so to say :stuck_out_tongue:

my interests and practices mainly strive in: sea-witchery, weather-magick, shamanism, sex magick, Carnal alchemy, dark magick, mesmerism.
have worked mostly with: Calypto but also abit with: Mimir, Odin, Mahakala, Baphomet, Kali, Mother Earth, Medusa.

I profession is a tall-ship sailor, 1,5 month at sea, 1,5 month at home. so periods of time for magical practises, is kind of hard to maintain and continuously practise, as my world change hour to hour, day to day and month to month.
life as a sailor even Tallshipsailors is a Loner, sailor-witch, even more. now believing in times of changes as for example joining this forum.
I strive to perfect a more maintained lifeway.


One day we’ll get another northerner. :pensive:

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I was raised in Bolton, does that count??


Of course… traitor. :wink:

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Where up North are you?

Are you lonely? You look so heartbroken :broken_heart:

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South Yorkshire.

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