Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

I’m Hysteria, an Ecclectic witch of many names but, we’ll stick with Hysteria since it was my second-best choice and Muse was already taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been on the path for what feels like forever, but to say I’ve actively walked it feels more deceptive than anything else. It’s more like…it always had a part to play in my life, and only now (seven years after subscribing to Koetting’s mailing subscription) have I begun to dip my toe in the waters and submerge my doubts.

Beforehand I tried everything under the sun; Paganism, Wicca, even sinking more than a grand into other Metaphysical websites thinking they would be the key to whatever it was I had been trying to get ahold of. They weren’t, so I’ve convinced myself that it’s better to learn everything on my own, and actively walk the left hand path instead of paying others to do it for me.

The hardest part of this was retraining. One of the things I’d been trying to practice was Shamanism, and that somehow led me to the Spirit Keeping side of the Metaphysical community. I can’t tell if it was ultimately a blessing or a curse, but very few good things came out of that side of the journey, and a lot of lessons I thought I’d learned for the betterment of my spiritual growth wound up being nothing more than weights on my progress. So I’d abandoned most if not all of it, keeping very few things from the metaphorical ashes.

One of those things is my draw to demonic magicks, pacts, and friends. Another, is my belief that working with Spirits can be a Boon — but only when done by oneself, and not when apart of some kind of movement. Ironic, as I’m joining yet another community. I suppose my point here is, my goal is to no longer sit on the sidelines.

I’m going to be the practitioner I was born to be, and I’m going to eventually become one of the best around…and I’ll do it through my own work. Along with guidance from those before me, from dark lords and lady’s who wish to aid me, and the various members of this forum whose wisdom is surely valuable.

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Wow impressive intro. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Hello All.

My name is Arrow. My body has lived 26 years here. I have been a practitioner of the esoteric arts for the past 11 years. I found the Black Flame about 4 years ago. I have always naturally been a left handed magician. As I studied and practiced, it has been more like a remembering rather than learning something new.

As I continue to work with the Black Flame, more and more of our hidden potential is revealed.

I specialize in dreamwork, clairvoyance, sex energy work, and creating my own magical systems as learned through the Black Flame.

Current Magical Goal - Complete Financial Abundance.
Current Sturggle - The energetic backlash from those individuals who are intimidated by true power.

Good to be here.

Hello. My name is Thomas.
I like storm Magick.
I am 16. I’ve been practicing and learning since I was around 8 under the instruction of my mother and grandmother. I am skilled in tarot reading.

@DarkestKnight I do hope this now meets the desired criteria. I sincerely apologize for making my previous introduction so short, I was in a hurry to get back to reading other things. There is so much to learn in so little time. long is the journey, short is the life



Please tell us more about your experience. “I like storm magick” tells us nothing and does not meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Edit to add: Yes, @Thomas00109 Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome :slight_smile:

You are welcome. And thank you for the welcome. It is so refreshing to see other people’s opinions on the left hand path and such. So, would you mind telling me a little about yourself?

I’ve been a ceremonial magician for 20 years now. I have worked within the systems of Chaos Magick, Hermetics, Golden Dawn, and Enochian. Currently, my practice is focused on the system of evocation of EA Koetting, and I work with both demons and angels mainly.

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How extremely fascinating. I have just recently gotten interested in Enochian Magick, but mainly my goal is to figure out what it is to be a ‘true empath’. Because, I can notice small changes in people, and can immediately sense the energy of a room when I walk into. I also have this weird thing where I ‘know’ a persons intentions upon first meeting with them. The question for me is “is this a trait all humans have” or is it truly special to me. Can you help?

In my opinion, it is a trait all humans have. For most people, though, it is buried beneath the layers of the cerebral cortex, and generally ignored. I personally think it is linked to the primitive, “reptile” part of the brain that is the seat of our animal instinct.

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Thank you. That was insightful.

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You’re welcome. There are many ways such a “knowing” can be accomplished, for example, though energy reading, direct psychic impressions, and animal instinct, but I believe each individual human does it through their own unique combination. You may not know the exact mechanism, but it’s definitely a nice trait to have active.

Hi my names is Divinity, 15 of age
I know the basic of voodoo.
I would live in New York. I want to learn Black magic. My life can struge but life gives me hope to be meant for something greater.
My biggest goal right now is to meet King Paimon and to runway from the Life I have now​:wilted_flower::wilted_flower:


Do you have any practical experience in magick?

I am B, i am interested in spirits and ghosts, and possessed objects
My goals are to be able to understand the spirital world.
I sometimes struggle with keepping my mind open to spirital world.


Do you have any experience in magick?

No, but i am more interested in the spirital world, and spirits and possessed objects

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Welcome to the forum. Know that what you write is public and searchable on google so I would remove your pic unless your comfortable with it being up:)

Name thndergod

I like magick thats easy to perform

Current goals are to get famous

Current struggles are that magick doesn’t work or it feels like a coincidence.

Uuuhhh…did I do this? I think I can’t remember…but anyways I’m Joel Waring And my goal is to be the ULTIMATE BADASSERY OF BADASS black musician and I honestly don’t really know what magic I’m into I just want to learn them all I want to learn I want want to grow I want to be the best version I can be a d my struggles is that I SUCK BALLS at Evoking spirits I try and try but I just

can't tell if there there or not...I tryed to Evoke Azazel but I just felt slight pressure on my ears and my back feel kind of funny didn't hurt or anything but I just stopped the ritui because I thought he wasn't there or at least not all of him...and then I tryed to Evoke Naamah but that didn't work and recently I evoked  Satan but that didn't work but I was watching a vid 

with JS Garrett and EA Koetting about the book Evoking Eternity and in the vid EA said never leave a ritual unfinished just go on and pretend there infront of you so I did that and I told him thanks for coming I’ll contact you again on Thursday.

Well just do it the best you can LOL

Just wanted to throw some humor.

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