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Greetings all! My name is Lewis. I have only become interested in love spells within the past 2 years trying to pursue a particular woman I have known for a while. Of course I have had no luck. I am now considering giving up.


What form of magick do you practice?

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Hi, conxtion here from South East Asia. Have been interested in magick for years, and been practising both light and dark magick recently. I was active in a small way in a well known spirit keeping forum, but have lost interest in them for a while already.

My fav books currently are from the Order of Unveiled Faces.

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Hello, I go by Kat. 23 nomadic, but live in the US. I am new to magick but have found a natural talent in divination. I have a fixation for dark magick and “demons” which is what lead me here. I’ve had many experiences with what i believed to be demons in the past and would like to swap stories with anyone who has some as well as possibly take in any advice to get me started on my path.

I am also nervous to mentioned I am a schizophrenic and epileptic, mind you a level headed schizo. Most groups tend to kick ya out once they find that bit out, so I just want to be forward about that.


Welcome to the forum!

Hello! I have been curious about sometjing regarding the offerings for demons but I didn’t want to start a new topic and decided to keep on searching just in case someone already asked and I saw this

But it seems noone answered yet. Does anyone know and can share the knowledge please?

Which demon are you wanting to give an offering to?

My name is Caelestis,
I’m not comfortable with a photo at this time,
I have always been interested with communication with the entities around me. Only upon finding EA Koetting’s videos have i learned what it was called and how powerful it can become.
My current struggle is recovering from a 5 year debilitating injury (I had been in a wheelchair with 15 seizures/day) and rebuilding a new life. I just completed a certificate in a new career and will begin working next week. I am out of the wheelchair now and just need to rebuild my physical strength.

Thank you for the opportunity to join this forum.

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I plan to make an offering to King Paimon…

My name is Derrick.

Long, long ago I found myself interested in life that cannot be touched, smelled, tasted etc. Finally, after getting my first job and living on my own, I started to prowl on the tomes of hidden wisdom and now want to dig deep into it.

Thank you for such possibility and for your kindness



Do you have nay experience in magick or are you just starting your journey?

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Not that much, I did some successfull evocations but nothing spicy shall I say.

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I am Roy and frankly I really got intrigued by this forum. I was a believer of god, but, he has taken away everything from me to say the least. Of late, I don’t know, but I have had a strange connection with Lucifer, maybe because I have been seeking out for Him or maybe because I have been reading about Him a lot. I have developed a respect for this forum especially because of its mutual respect policy.
I really look forward to an enlightening experience here because Lucifer has made a deep impact on my mind… that of respect and intrigue.

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Just starting my journey. I am totally new to this.

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Hi @Phosphorus1,

What books have you read?

I’m curious what you meant by everything taken away from you.


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Hi Aprentiz,

Thanks for welcoming me onboard!. Well, on the personal front my world has literally fallen apart. My wife and I got separated. My daughter who is the apple of my eye now stays with my wife. My dad got mentally deranged… I can go on and on…
It was not until recently that I started having a connection with Lucifer and I just happened to come across this forum.

Oh, about the books part… actually I have been reading about Lucifer (I hope that is the correct way to address Him) from the internet. you can say I’m just a beginner. I have a thirst for knowledge and Lucifer has really made a deep impact on me.

Howdy folks,

My name is Derek.

I’m so very new to this. However, I do believe and have since I can remember. I feel I want to create a bond with Lilith as I indentify with her. Eventually I would like to have her sigil tattooed on me, however want to do it properly and not all willy nilly. I need to ask her permission and see if we get along. I already have the snake representation of her tattooed on my arm. No clue where to start, gah!

Anyhow, here I am.

WELCOME @Dadazoid!


I am piby221. Yes a weird name but I like it.
I am a complete novice in this path - the noob.
I plan to read as much as I can before taking help from a mentor to start something practical.
None of my family is involved in this but I always had an inclination towards knowledge for this path but never acted beyond google searches .
Want to see where it goes from here. I must say I like the way things are being shared here without taking a high pedestal.
Forum is purely on practical knowledge. Thnks for accepting me.

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