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Well when lost go back to the basics. Meditation, the 3 sorcerous skills that koetting call godlike powers. And move from there. I have been in same situations. But know that one deep well is better that hundreds of shallow holes. It doesn’t matter if you practice many systems what matters is what you get out of them. One system carried to its conclusion is better than many spells and work in various systems that lack coherence and focus.



So, you’re an empath and the moon is your strength? From one to another: Hail and Welcome!



Hello BALG,

Please call me Ashiok. It’s not exactly my Magical name, but it’s one that I appreciate for now.

I’ve had interest in a lot of magic over the years. The root of magic for me is energy manipulation, because it’s something that’s come as naturally to me as breathing. I have a vested interest in the works of E.A Koetting, in particular as it related to Lucifer-Amaymon.
I also have a great interest in the Draconian Current, and possess several books by Asenath Mason. I’ve managed to collect a fair few books of interest over the years, with so far, only the Downward Path into Nodd being beyond reach.
I’ve always had an issue focusing enough long enough to actually complete a path, or to see sets of connecting rituals to their end. It’s an issue that I’ve decided to work through.
I’ve preformed the Opening of the NANNA gate from the Simon Necronomicon, which interestingly enough had a display of heat lightning that night in August of 2016. In the last few years I’ve been initiated into Reiki, and am now a non-teaching Master of Reiki. The experience of absorbing that energy and information has been beneficial, but ultimately didn’t completely succeed in giving me what I wanted.
I’ve been preforming different Kundalini meditations, yoga, and ritual over the years as well. On the evening of the 5th of November, I had a minor breakthrough. The energy burst upwards and created a sensation of a pool of liquid flame on the crown of my head. The heat burned inside and out, for several minutes. Not enough to cry out, but not dissimilar to a headache crossed with a burn within the skull. The…rewiring process is taking much longer to dissipate.
I was a part of the Black Sun Covenant, and if things go well, I would also like to be a part of the ritual of deification for my 30th birthday. It feels to auspicious to ignore, as the call to Amaymon’s Covenant was too auspicious to ignore.
I intend to grow relentlessly, and walk into Amaymon’s Darkness as deeply as possible. Hand in hand, I am growing my personal life with a focus on college and gaining new experiences.
My life has been a mix of experiences and stories that include many bizarre as well as common. Such is what attracts on the Paths.
Finally, I will say that people have always told me that there was something powerful about me. Something Divine, Dark and Mighty. I finally understand that because Time is far different then we allow ourselves to perceive, what was always felt was what was initiated in September with the Black Sun Covenant.
Amaymon was Always with and within me, because of the choice I made.

This is what I will share, to respectfully enter this forum.


It’s not much of an introduction, but welcome.


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Welcome. Take your time and search these forums.



Interesting story on your background with magick!

Many welcomes to this wonderful forum!


My name is Hieu but i usually type it as Huey because thats how it is pronounced in English.

I have always been fascinated by magic, growing up with fantasy computer games and cartoons I had always wanted to be magical. As a teenager I started with Astral Projection but to no avail, I was then obsessed withe meaning of life and what was to come after. After contemplating and studying a myriad of philosophical ideas I decided to move on and live my life in the “real” world becoming an adult and crushed by the “system”. Raised as a catholic and going to a catholic high school skewed my view on the world but i started to call “bullshit” and no longer believed in the catholic faith at all…

Now after experiencing a some sort of quarter life crisis and a career change (from chef to dog trainer) my interest was caught by E.A Koettings youtube channel and thus this forum. My interest of the Left Hand Path has been sparked and I can’t turn it off.

My current goals consist of:

  • Learning and Mastering soul travel
  • My first evocation ( I have yet to decide on a spirit to evoke)
  • I have a strong lust sense and have only experienced sex once, I want to attract more sex into my life ( i have been reading succupedias posts and am considering evoking succubus.
  • Financial stability, as im pretty much flat broke!

My struggles

  • Still struggling to leave my body at all, though i have done so at once or twice
  • Money… money… money…
  • no sex…

Funny that my struggles are just opposite of my goals!

Thanks for reading my little post, its the first post I’ve ever made on a forum despite reading manny.


Hey, SSG

I’m Lu. Can you tell me about some of the paranormal experiences you’ve had? I’d love to hear about it.

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Introduction as requested,
Hello my name is Justin. i have started path working with the gatekeepers for about 5 months. But i mostly work with Amaymon.
Kinds of magick i like:
I don’t know yet I’m still experimenting.
My goals:
My number one goal with magick is to remember my past lives, for after i remember my past i can determine my future.
My struggles:
I am having a hard time with scrying and evocation. Clairaudience comes pretty natural to me but even so it is difficult to hear most of the time.

Thank you,


Thank you very much and welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Kristina. I’ve been interested in magick and the occult for a few years now and I stumbled upon the forum about two days ago. I decided to sign up as I have a few questions, of which I will make a topic of. I started worshipping Satan when I was 11 years old, seems like a young age and I wasn’t devoted enough. However, soon my life turned into a total mess and I was forced into christianity by my abusive father, I even had to go to church and promise that I’ll worship jesus. Oh well, I’m definitely not keeping that one. Anyways, I’m planning to go LHP. My goals are to feel more at peace with performing rituals and overall gain more knowledge. I’m sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my native language but I guess that’s not an excuse because I live in the UK, my vocabulary is just terrible and I’m tired.


Hi there!

My name is Ainos, I’m from spain, so forgive my English, I’m 36 yo. I started with magick a few months ago. I’ve been reading a practicing almost every day. I’m not a satanist nor a demonist per se, but I feel some affinity with daemons; not because the “evil” (I try not to think in terms of good and evil) but because the strictness of their guides; I need a firm and strict hand and a bit of punishment to learn and to follow my path.

I’ve been an atheist since I was 9 yo so, as you can imagine, the last few months had been a true storm and revelation for me. I’m eager to learn.

As for my goals, for the moment, I’m focusing on learning as much as I can and discovering whats under the veil.


Of course , let me see if I can PM you or start a thread for you :slight_smile:


Hiii there…

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Hello. I will go by Daniel for the sake of my own privacy. I am brand new to this, and I have no experience within the spiritual realm. I was once Mormon, but left because I did not see my life going anywhere. I feel so out of place. Almost as if I do not belong sometimes. I listen to the same music as everyone else, and watch the same movies, but that’s where it ends. Pursuing money is tempting, but what I really want is to interact with demons. I want to gain spiritual knowledge and power never before possible. If someone can help me in this pursuit; as in where to start, I would be grateful. I’d say the first thing would be to communicate with a demon or “neutral” spirit directly. What is the simplest way to summon one?

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Hi n welcome ask me anything u like we’ll…ask any one of us anything u like we r all happy to help

Hi I’m jasen I’m new to the occult did my first ritual 2 weeks ago into left hand path.


My name is Aldayoo
I am 30 years old. I love to learn magic and to practice the rituals of magic and worshipers of Satan

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Hi everyone,

I’m about as totally new to this as one can be. Not wanting to be taking the wrong path in my life I’ve remained a loner, reading up and learning certain spiritual aspects of various things in my own way over many years and am now a reiki master.
I’ve always been highly psychic and knew I was very different from the norm, thoroughly frustrated with the constrained ways that religion uses fear mongerung tactics and propaganda to chase people into going to church/morsque/temple in the so-called knowledge ( unfounded) that this will gain them invisible ‘points’ system to get them into ‘the good place’!

To me this has always been a laughable and rediculous claim. You might as well believe in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas!

I want to enrich my life in a positive but powerful way. Recently, I have noticed and relalised, abundantly so, that I without even knowing, i have always followed the lend hand path.

It’s like a cloud has cleared as the realisation hit me that I was looking for answers I’m the wrong places.

I dont want take this to a very dark and evil place, but to use the power as knowledge to make my, and my husbands life better. He too, is wanting to take this path with me. I wish to respect and understand the knowledge I will hopefully be given, in time as they feel I am worthy of receiving.

I’m a little afraid. I’m not going to lie.
Perhaps someone would like to mentor me, or help to guide me a little?

For now. I shall continue to do courses and read, trust my own instincts and stop wondering and worrying about other people for a change and focus on myself and what this can to help enrich nd empower my life.

I’m in the UK. Basically there is very little for us here unless you know where to go and it’s a bit of an underground secret world I feel, taboo as we are fairly backward here, or so it seems unless someone wishes to enlighten me!
This is going to be an interesting journey!


Welcome to the forums. But why did you respond to my introduction with yours?