Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

Mentors won’t waste their time on someone who can’t even take advice without throwing a fit man…


Lots of people here have BPD and I understand how the abandonment of a breakup is causing you aggression. Stick around, use the search function and you’ll find posts of members overcoming the disorder and living joyful lives.


@anon8398376 I’m really sorry. We can talk in dm. let me just explaim me

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Calm down friend. No one is upset at you.

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Can we talk in private pleas?

Thank u :heart::heart:

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@Darkest you’ve apologized. I would just let the hot emotions cool down and then try to rebuild the reistionships. Most people here fall asleep at night and lose all grudges from the previous day.


That was my advice and to relax🤣

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Yes please

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I’m actually very busy for the next few hours catching up on yard work. If you’re around tonight and you want to message I’ll send you a message.

I’m just taking a break to hydrate.


How much land do you have?

Thanks a lot. I don’t sleep. Insomnia and can’t risk dreaming of my ex again. My dreams are quite vivid. I didn’t mentioned earlier but I hear to enn of king paimon a lot. It’s like he found me and I didn’t found him. I think I had one interaction with him in beginning of March…
Anyways my dreams are either very vivid (related to king paimon?) Or are about my ex and when I dream of ex I wake up screaming her name and my pillow wet bcoz of my tears in dream.

Officially an acre. But, I also maintain a 1500’ trail through the national forest to the dunes on the other side of the dunes is ocean. It’s a lot of work after winter.


:fearful: that sounds like some sore ass muscles if you ask me

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Welcome @Jennifer_Rae

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? Your post doesn’t really tell us anything about your magical experience beyond the mention of an goddess.

Do you have any experience with specific systems or traditions?

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Basics are often learning to feel your own energy/internal work before touching external forces.


Most of us are willing to help, those that help themselves. We however do not have a mentor program and I don’t know anyone worth the time, who actually takes on random newbies, particularly those that roll out of the box like you did :slight_smile:

We usually advise that asking for a mentor, or even services is a good way to get yourself preyed upon. This forum has a lot of practical and spectacular advise, real practitioners and if you take a bit to actually read around and get a feel for people, you will be much better off than just putting it out there that you want spammed by people whom you don’t even have the discernment yet, to determine if they are worth your time. Not everyone around here plays nice and some of us are just jerks so. You’d be best off to figure out whose who, before you go looking for a mentor from us.


@Darkest please dial down the attitide, you have shown up out of nowhere laying down demands to the effect that magick, to which you are currently a beginner, be exactly what you want it to be, and acted as though it is our duty to kiss your ass and somehow accelerate you to immense power.

Try the stuff in the posts you have been linked to, and relax, you’re embarking on a serious quest here and there’s no need to be aggressive or defensive.


Ok. I will dial it all down


Thanks! :+1: