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My magick name is Ethean.
The way I got fascinated by magick was through conspiracy theories about celebrities being devil worshipers. This was back in 2014.
I watched so many Illuminati videos. I got fascinated by the concept of selling your soul to satan. I have had this on and of relationship with the occult but I always return back to it. This time I’m serious I’m investing money in it buying books and paying for rituals.

One of the main reason I’m interested in black magick is for money.
I Like black magick, i haven’t started practicing magick. My plan is to start practicing at the end of this year. Maybe earlier who knows.

I’m post number 666, wicked!


You beast! I’m jealous!


Hello All,


44 years in a wide base of occult background. My current focus is ancestral work more than anything, combined with very local folklore and cunning type work in various areas.

Current Ambitions: Working on a book, trying to get through my queue of books I want to read. Which I suppose are also my current struggles.


Welcome @Narradas

Such as? This doesn’t really tell us much at all about your experience.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Hey I’m Bethany :wave: I’m new here so have been asked to introduce myself :hugs: I’m 21 years old and have been curious about magic and manifestation for a good while and have been researching certain subjects but never found a forum as helpful and insightful as this! I’m just here to learn from everyone for now :hugs:


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Rosebethany0

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t actually told us anything.

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what ares of magick are you interested in learning?

I have very little experience which is why I’ve come here to learn as I don’t want to try possible potent spells that could backfire or summon a spirit with bad intentions plus I want to be 100% sure on my own intentions before trying to manifest or cast something and that’s what I’m going to start learning from people here :hugs:.
I’ve done a few spells that have used only candles or pen and paper I haven’t got any further than that but they’ve worked and I think that was more the fact my intentions and belief in it manifested it to happen as it did.
I want to really learn as I go to be honest I’m interested in it all


Magic name… don’t really have one heh. Ophis if ophidian-shard is a bit much. Just went with it because it sounds neat.
Photos: I’m a bit shy on social media so I’d like to skip that one.
Magic: Still trying to figure that one out right now partly what brings me here actually. Right now I’m not really somewhere I can do too much ritual work, but meditating with Enns is current activity.
Current Ambitions: Trying to learn to astral project, working with Orobas or trying to (not necessarily for astral projection - of the Goetia spirits I was drawn to him), been having some good breakthroughs in realizing personal issues and areas I need to work on; glad I found him.
Current Struggles: Just learning to ground myself properly is the biggest challenge, my own brain keeps getting in the way of meditation and such.

Nice to meet you all.


Well here’s my introduction:

  • Your magick name

None yet, sorry. I don’t like magick names very much.

• Kinds of magick you like

All magick!

• Current ambitions

I’ve made spiritual progress and got many answers already, but I need to finally make material progress in life, (health and money). And I need overall to stabilize myself in a path; since I’ve investigated and tried many religions and paths for many years but none quite satisfied me.

Now I’ve realized Satan blocks my results in all paths, so I may have a debt with the Lord of the Underworld, because of having attacked his people (“shadows”?) in previous paths of the “light”. But as I give him offerings, I realize he also blesses me after I pay the debt. Lilith too. What’s happening to me is odd, but anyway I prefer the LHP. Most religions don’t give individuality and personality the enormous value they really have. And although we live in a Society and need to think of the consequences of our actions, I’ve realized the Universe is amoral; it doesn’t have commandments.

• Current struggles

I think my previous text already answered that.

Thank you for welcoming me on this forum!

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Hello. I am a woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am not only new on this website but I am also just learning about magic. For now I am interested in Kabala, invoking angels and Olympian spirits. But I think I will find many other things I am interested in while researching magic. Regarding my name for magic, I still do not have it. I will have to think about it. Regarding my photo, I am media shy.


Hello everyone! Just here to introduce myself. I have always had an interest in the concept of witchcraft, but have just recently attempted to try some things in my own, so i am brand new to this. Don’t have a Magick name yet, although I’d most likely refer to myself as Luna as my username states (this is not my real name). I am interested mostly in love spells at the moment, however that is purely due to my current life events. So far I am trying to aim for white magic and ethical spells and summoning, as I’m not looking for any bad karma or for things to backfire. Although there is a dark side of me interested in exploring. I’ll keep that to myself though, I’ve noticed most placea that is generally frowned upon. I have no evil intentions, just know that with the subject of love spells I’m exploring, some things can get a bit tricky.


My name is James.
I enjoy understanding magic as best I can, and developing in power.
I’m having one particular struggle right now and that’s why I sought out a forum like this to begin with. I’ve been around but it’s been a while since I’ve been practising as intently as I am now. I had an early start in energy work.


Welcome @Pyroboy150

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you do or not.

If so, what do you practice, besides energy work, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

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Hiya, my name is ActorPony.

The first magick I’ve ever done was a LOA spell on learning a new programming language. The manifestation did work within a year, but I forgot about the manifestation, so I wasn’t really able to monitor it’s progress like I originally wanted.

That being said, the magick I like is LOA, petition magick, Goetia magick, chaos magick, and more traditional ritual magick.

My current ambitions is to read and try out the Aura of Attraction spell from Damon Brand’s book, but I want to know what expect before I try this out.

My current struggles is getting chaos magick to work just right. I have trouble setting timeframes for the sigils to work, which leads me to having half results most of the time.


Welcome @ActorPony

How long have you been practicing?

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I’ve been practicing for 2 years, though I’ve only been practicing on a consistent basis for about 3 months now.


Friendly reminder to all the folks who are leaving their introduction here.

Check out the magnifying glass, before you post a question search it first. You’ll have a high chance of finding the answer you seek much faster. This also helps our forum from becoming bloated with the same questions. This is even more useful for people who use the search feature to keep all relevant information in one source.

Thanks now let me step off my soap box.


I’ve been around a while, I had an early start, I just haven’t been practising intently for some time - and what magic is not “energy work” either practical or with some form of ceremony for whatever reason? It’s either you doing the work or something else doing the work for you lol and I don’t do that anymore… So don’t send any my way please lol (other beings, I mean).
In terms of how long, I’ve been practising since about 2006. I’m 25 now, I had an early start. I didn’t know what it was at first. I’ve never Really stopped but I really slowed down for a while.


Right now, I’ll remain anonymous. If you need a name, call me Khetau. I’m not quite comfortable revealing any names on an internet forum just yet.

I’m not committed to any brand of magick just yet. I want to see if this will give me what I want, because I’ve been searching for a while and repeatedly turned up disappointed.

I just want a brand of power similar to controlling minds. I feel powerless amongst other people because I have no idea how to predict them. I failed several interviews that way. I also couldn’t predict when several friends moved away. Life just feels so random that I just want some level of control. Just for once, I’d like to get a decent job, marry the love of my life, and get my life in control. It’s just that my present circumstances prevent my dreams from coming true. If I could just change an interviewer’s mind, change the minds of my love’s potential suitors, maybe I could get my life under control.

I think its unlikely that this exists, but if there is a brand of magick that could change the past, I’d be willing to learn that too. In the meantime, I’m just browsing before I make a commitment.

Well, if this is the right place for me, then it will be nice practicing with you all! If not, then it was nice meeting you!


This doesn’t really give us much information.

Where are you from?

Im assuming this was trying to tell us you’ve studied other systems of magic. If thats true can you tell us what and for how long?