Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

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Done. Please check the PM I sent you. :+1:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

So you’re one of those people


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My name is Zeb!
I’m incredibly new, and don’t have a magickal name, although I’m excited to get one!
I’m really into western ceremonial magic, and have a couple of Koettings books.
I look forward to getting to know everyone!


Welcome @MountainGod

Do you have any practical experience?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas are you interested in learning?

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I’ve been doing spellwork for years, but I only recently started path working and evoking.

My current goal is to attain a controlled out of body experience, and full soul travel

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I originally practiced chaos magick, but I’ve been path working “works of darkness” these past few months

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If you’ve been “doing spellwork for years” then why did your original post, the one you deleted, say you were “incredibly new?” :thinking:

How many years have you been practicing?


First of all, I wasn’t aware I deleted anything. I was only trying to edit it, to fill in a few more details. :joy:

Secondly, by “spellwork” I meant super simple sigil workings, glamours, and the occasional protective spell.

Thirdly, I suppose I just phrased it badly.
I guess I should have said that I’m new to a formalized practice, and that I only started path working anything this year.

Fourthly, I’ve practiced some variation of chaos magick since 2011, but I recently decided to branch out into hermetics. Though I don’t know much of anything about it, so I omitted it.

I have unDeleted it for you.


Thanks so much!!
I’m new to forums, in general. So this is a learning experience for me. :sweat_smile::joy:


• Your magick name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current ambitions
• Current struggles

Hello, my magick name that i present myself as to this forums is shadow of niger refering to my egyptian studies and practices of black magick, it has subliminal message, or as billie eilish says, world is little blurry right now…

I am family man, and magic i currently work with cannot have really title, since we are very setback and concerned, of multiple things that are undergoing on planet we reside, closest what i could say i do currently is “hosting” some kind of community thing, sharing and learning, spiritwise.

my current ambitions is that i should be writing my 2nd album, which is per se on schedule, but im lacking on beatmaking, so i probably need to use other peoples beats, but deals for that is already made, so all i need to do is write songs down and get something done before summerbreak, ambition indeed.

I strugle with this fuckin plastic “alien attack” stuff which seems to celebrate what they doing to spirituality, individuality and human rights, annunnaki deepstate practice with fuckin 120iq top “world-conquer-leaders” talking to you trough computing programs/softwares (telepathy and spiritual gifts are deserved, unlike tech things) when you would just like to build cool stuff with your chosen associates / spirit family." common negative theme on this plane, “fight” against insecure negative forces that are not from source, taking time of straight and legit practicioners, trying to categorise you all the time to some fuckin slot even its crystal clear to anything living that what is on my mind… little rant…

im also on dragonic practices… we doing well… just a little struggle with other cultural pantheons… but existence is.


Thank you for the introduction, welcome to the forums. How long have you been practicing magick vs researching.

Out of curiosity have you worked with any entities to increase your musical composition talents? I’d love to hear about it, on a separate post on the appropriate forum.


I startedstudying esoteric things, conspiracies, and religion when i started using amfetamine when i was 19, im 27 now, i made my first physical altar and started sigil evocation when i was 21, egyptian studies about same time… dragonian physical practices about 23-24, first album was out when i was 24…

i was initiated to luciferianism 21, setianism 24 dropped out of both… they are not from streets they are from offices etc… they not like me conciously, useless to be tagged to any “secret-society” they just lack persona… or i lack diploma :wink: take it how u want…

talk about that music later


I have been on this website since 2018, and I never really participated with a lot of discussion, just posting a journal. Since I haven’t even been active with that since at least nine months, I thought I would re-introduce myself.

I’m Lupos, and have been studying the occult for over twenty years. But I haven’t been serious about it until the last eleven years. I had a deeply spiritual experience in 2005, and I have come to terms with it in a very LHP manner - seeing it for what it was. Since then I have been gifted with a great deal of hurdles and obstacles in my path that I have shattered one by one. It’s been rewarding and challenging, and that’s what keeps me going. Here are a few photos:


Question, how do I PM someone? :sweat_smile:

This fool figured it out :sweat_smile::joy:

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You can’t, as a newcomer. The ability is locked by the system until you reach a certain level of activity on the forum. Someone can PM you and you can reply to them, but you cannot initiate.


Thanks, friend!