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Hello to everyone! My name is Teodora and I’m a total beginner in the matter. I’m a very spiritual person and I’ve read a book or two about certain aspects of magick, but a recent “downfall” in my well-being made me go deeper into the rabbit hole and so - here I am.
I’m willing to find out more about how can I help myself live a better life also I find every single thing about magick very interesting and I’m learning new things with passion.
It will be a pleasure for me to answer any question or get any advice if my message touches someone. It will be a even greater pleasure to be a part of this community and I’m grateful I found it in a time of lack and belief in myself … I hope this is a good beginning of my journey and I wish every soul here a blessing from all spirits all along their path!


Hi there. long time practitioner since the age of 13. been on and off. I come from a traditional jewish family yet my practice is very much chaotic and none orthodoxic lol. would like to share and learn from like minded people. cheers~

Welocme @Dollike

Where are you from?

How long is that, exactly?

So what do you actually practice? This doesn’t tell us anything.

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

I’m from israel, and i’ve mastered practical kabbalah as well as Sihr that local arabs use. Been practicing for 10 years :slight_smile:

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I’m Jimmie. My handle is Maelrom. Been involved with paranormal and high strangeness since a kid.
Had experiences with Out of body experiences, remote viewing throwing energy and combatting etheric demons. Have done major magic in manipulating vast amount of sea water, manifesting objects within the last 20 years. Searched a long time looking for those like me. Coming close. Abduction experiences as well. I do not do rituals to augment the talents, they just are. But I do grapple with my ego which adamantly is in denial, which in turn stymies my abilities greatly. I’ve learned that when one is fully entranced with any emotion, be it kind or otherwise, shock or surprise, these gifts actuate fully. At these times, I assume the ego is too stunned to be a hindrance of my experiencing my full godly self. Greetings to all.

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Hello, I’ll go by Maelrom. Since a kid, I’ve been experiencing paranormal, cryptic and off world phenomena. I’ve manifested objects, controlled by will towers of sea water and used energy to ward off and vanquish attacking demons in full waken hours. I had had out of body experiences and also on occasion remote viewed. I could be likened to knowledge of most skills but not yet a Master. I know that I cannot fully control these abilities as long as my ego interferes. Unlike me, it fully disavows what I have accomplished. I also know that pure emotion light or heavy is the fuel to which the arts can be accomplished…oh and 100% belief!

Ahhh hi everyone! My name is Shank, I’m 21 years old from Canada. I first started having OBEs as a young child and have been practising witchcraft since the age of 12. My grandmother specialized in baneful work, however, a lot of her teachings were lost over the years after her passing and the resurgence of witchcraft in my family lineage began with me.
I do a lot of glamour magick and angel work. I’m very keen on looking into love and baneful magick and working with demons. I have some vermin I’d like to fry and birds I’d like to cage :smiling_imp:

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I am Yaq from Ghana
I like contacting Andromalius
However I will like to know more about this friendly beings.
Thanks to everyone in this group.

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Welcome @Yawquay

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If you do, what, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

If you don’t have any experience, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Hello, my name is Ali. I come from a Muslim family background. VERY new to this community, I know literally nothing lol. I would hope to learn from everyone hear. I found this forum while trying to do a little research. I hope to gain some new knowledge. Glad to be here!

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Hello my names Heather, I am newish on here but been a practionator for littler over 15 years now i post spiritual experiences i’ve had and dealt a lot with the paranormal. I’m a pyschic medium inherited from my great aunt but still trying to understand the otherside and work with these spirits.

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Welcome @arisingmoon

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Hi everyone! My magick name is RavenSky and I live in the US. I am new to the studies of the occult, but I have always been fascinated by this subject matter. I particularly am attracted to lust and power rituals. Would like to learn from the numerous professionals and amateurs on here alike as I know you all have valuable feedback to offer. I am mainly in the research phase of trying to work on a personal matter regarding a guy, and I just want to submerge myself with the vast knowledge and expertise offered on this forum. I look forward to utilizing this platform to connect with you all and gain the education and wisdom in this area of great interest to me :pray:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome @Risabel13

Do you have any practical experience in anything yet?

If so, what have you practiced?

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No, I do not, but I am open to learning as I will be seeking magical intervention eventually :blush:

Friendly greetings, my name is Everett or just use my username. I have been interested in the occult more or less in passing for a long time, only recently delving deeper into it. Main interest is in working with demons/spirits/entities and developing the skills needed to do so. However, I also harbor a somewhat less intense interest in other aspects of magick.

Happy to be here and hopefully at some point I will be able to provide the same level of advice and knowledge that is presented by other members of the forum.

Here’s to the journey ahead!

Welcome @doomrayne

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all?

If so, what have you practiced, and how long have you been praciticng?

I’m in rural Illinois. Not really any practical experience at all. Mainly research and book study starting a few months ago.

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Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the BALG forum.


I am 28 years old and looking for advice to start practicing magic. Nothing particular has brought me into making this decision, only my curiosity.

I lurked around here and there, off and on and decided to to introduce myself to forum so that I may be able to get answers.