Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum 2.0

Welcome @Zafar_Imam

In what, exactly? The tantra you mentioned?

How long have you practiced?

For 2 years in Tantra
I know muslim amulet and talismanic magick.

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That’s pretty neat. How long have you practiced that?

Im from California, I started this path about 5-7 months ago. Im obsessed with learning more and everything!!! From A young age, I always felt like Lucifer and other Gods were calling for me, and finally one day I answered and never looked back!!
Ave Satanas

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Wabbajack

What, exactly, do you practice? Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

Im practicing Satanic, Luciferian and Draconian magick. Im still green but learning more!

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I’m jake completely new the magic ritual have a been following for a while but just reacently started reading more on it

Welcome @skullbon

Where are you from?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning?

thank you canada, thats a good question I don’t know yet and don’t know where to start I vaugely know what I want out of it just not sure which one to start with first. Just started medatating the other day to and last night’s session was weird, still trying to figure that out

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My name is evander im 21 im interested in left hand path magick and i strive to be a great magician and the best version of myself.Im currently struggling with my health and im only being this boring because this is my 2nd account ( i forgot my old password) and im depressed right now and I have to do this introdocution again

21st Century Mage by Jason Augustus Newcomb; Weiser Books.


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Hi i am devangana, i am from India, i am new to this and very much interested in tarots and simple rituals.

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Welcome @Devangana_Maheshwari

Do you have any practical experience in magick or paranormal?

Hi Everyone, I’m Dougal. Hope I’m doing this right!

I’m currently working with sigils, divination and sympathetic magic, but am really interested in expanding my practice to include spirits.
Like my grandmother I am naturally sensitive and instinctive, dreaming true at times and have had spontaneous AP occasionally, but not quite psychic as such. I would like to develop these talents further to aid my workings and ability to communicate with spirits, and gaining more control over this is my main challenge.
It seems like there are a lot of experienced practitioners here and I feel that I can learn a lot from you and hope to share the journey with others like me.

Wishing you all good fortune and good company!


Hi Dougal, nice to meet you!

Where are you from and how long you work with occult stuff?

I am sure you will find a lot material in here

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İt does seem like a bit of a goldmine! Just been reading around and I feel like I will be lost on here for days. I’m from Northern England and have always been interested in anything occult, have been practising on and off for a few years but am committed to being more consistent and making some real progress now.

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I see you practice reiki, how wonderful!

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Oh, thank you :slight_smile:

That’s an incredible skill, quite jealous!

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These days it Is easy to aquire especially in UK