Introduce myself

Hey everybody out here.

I’m villian, I am a 20 year old male. The first time I was reading this forum, was 6 months ago, I was searching for something when this link come across. Then I have read for like hours about demons, spells, the way you cast and receives. The way you work with demons and entities. I’m not new for magic i think, for some reason during my life even when I was 7-9 years old I liked to play with fire, a few years ago when I was 17 started to play with candles and I poured the melted wax on papers and perfumes thinking and saying “now it’s official” it’s been marked. I did all these things without any knowledge about magic because I felt like I need to do this to achieve what I want (and maybe 10% because I was bored).

Now I’m here because I have a thing which seems impossible to solve with the tools and energies I have requested and used before.

I’m not planning to leave the community and this form of life even after I have success with my current situation.

Hope you will enjoy me being here, and I hope I can learn you the techniques I need to have to be my own.

Have a good day everyone.


Welcome to the forum

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Hi, I’ll be sending you a welcome-aboard PM later with useful stuff in, have to do some “real” work now though, check your messages later. :+1:


I will thanks.

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