Introduce myself

Hii I’m Juls I’m 17 and I’m from Greece. I’ve been working more intensively for the last year, but I’ve been looking since I was 12 years old. I mainly practice divination such as the pendulum and the playing cards, the decipherment of dreams and astrology. I’ve worked with Selene and Hecate in the past. I also know some things about crystals. I would like to practice further the various types of divination. I may see that I’ll be interested in other things as I progress but for now that’s my goal.


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome dear !

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Hi there Juls, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5:

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Hi there @Siireenee :wave:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: what system to do you use for playing card divination if I may ask?