Hello! I’m new as a user on this but have been lurking about for a bit for research purposes. My name is Zia and I live in the west coast of the US although I’m planning to move to a more lush area like Europe or Canada. I’ve practiced magick for a few years now and have started off with elemental study and moved on to deity worship. My deities were Aphrodite and Persephone of the Greek Pantheon and Haliya from the Filipino Pantheon. I love animals and want to work in familiar work in the future. My biggest interest right now is spirit and love magick and I would appreciate any help/tips I could get from it. I have recently come into contact with a child of Lilith and I definitely need help with the aftermath of the ritual and bonding. As mentioned earlier, I started off with elemental magic and worship so I can provide help in these areas. Worshipping deities outside of the realm of the usual pantheon is something I could help with; where to get resources, how to go about it, etc. I am a closet witch so most of the things I do are secretive and on the down low so I can provide help in hiding or something similar to those in the same boat.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested and welcome to the forum.

How long is “a few years?”

About three years.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

What system of elemental magick do you have experience in? Since you also do deity worship, is it Wicca or another system?

I tried my hand at the main elements but found myself being most connected to water and air. I worshipped deities through Wicca.


I’ve worked with the elements myself through the system of Heremtics.

I hope you enjoy your time down the rabbit hole that is BALG :slight_smile:

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Thank you! This community seems so helpful and welcoming so I’m sure my time will be great.

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Welcome :blush: