Names jake. I currently live in Tn. I’ve studied the occult for years but just now started practicing. Had an unreal type of confidence during an lsd trip and discovered reality was quite easily changed if my faith was pure. But thanks everyone for all the info and help.


What, exactly, have you “started practicing?”

I worked Amon ra recently with good success and am continuing work with him. I was trying to work with Belial but was hit with some serious life shit, I somehow beileive he caused it and is trying to teach me something. I will call Belial again once my mind is right.

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Also the acid trip I spoke of. Had a breakthrough and quite frankly changed reality with faith. Moving mountains Bible quote comes to mind.

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Welcome! Nothing like a proper psychedelic trip to make you re-evaluate everything. :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed brother. Deffinately know there’s more than meets the eye now.


Welcome to the forum! Are there any specific paths/topics you’re interested in? What were your first experiences with the occult?

I kinda read around a little at first. My first real experience was with a high dose of lsd. I got this extreme feeling of confidence and felt as though I could mould reality to my liking ; this was like nothing I could explain in words it was amazing. Then I did just that I told universe this is what’s going to happen and it happened. :wink: Heck though I wanna learn as much as I can.