Hi! New kid here.

I don’t think I would have ever communed with spirits if my satanist/pagan ex boyfriend had not cursed me using them. He was really blatant about the curse- asked for help and that he needed to come over, we chatted over a weird vibe and then he gave the curse to me into my sacral chakra through a good bye hug. I am still spiritually ignorant but not quite as ignorant as I was then

It took about two whole years before I realized that something was really off. When I was beginning to ask the universe for answers to why I hadn’t felt like myself at all, why parts of me were missing, I was being reached out to by Egyptian and Buddhist gods and goddesses. The day that I made a witch jar was when all of the details of the curse came out.

Since then, I’ve been in contact with many dieties, angels and “demons”. Some of them I can recall from my past. Some of them I cannot say the same for but I seem to have more spirit friends now than real human friends since in the span of the curse I have somewhat destroyed my reputation/relationships.

At this point in time, I can honestly say that I have beat the curse one hundred percent and that I feel like my old self.

I would also like publicly to thank Diana, Isis, Anubis, Sekhmet, Set, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Kali, Ganesha, all of the Archangels, most all of the angels from Gallery of Magick books, but especially Kahetel and Setaliah, and the demons Barbatos, Gaap, Ipos, Bael, Lucifer, King Paimon, Marchosias, Astaroth, Shahtan, Asmoday, Amon, Furfur, Marbas, Dantaylion, ZAGAN, and others… the Egyptian gods reached out to me first because if they had come to me in the form of the Shem angels I probably would have rejected them, because of all of the rumors that are no where near the truth… while I’m at it I also want to thank God/Yahweh/Adonai.

Anyways, that’s the gist of how I got here to this forum. I decided to stop lurking so I can start asking my questions. Seems like a great community!

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What type of magick do you practice?

How long have you practiced it?

Thanks! I practice a sort of bastardization of magick by bouncing around to whatever interests me. Hoodoo incorporates most of it though because it feels right. Most of my magick is with spirits, and I am not bound to a pantheon although I wish I were a patroness of Diana. Maybe one day she will have me. I don’t have a lot of experience, but Diana, Kali and Anubis have always been with me apparently.

As for time, I have always had magick but didn’t know it was magick. When I dated a satanist though, he definitely beefed up my magick without my knowledge. We were together for eight years.

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Welcome to the forum lad! :slight_smile:

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Someone here sent me Opfaal. Thank you and thank you Opfaal :heart:

Hi @Radishes, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::slight_smile:

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