For this initial post I would like to keep it short yet at the same time disclose the required information. My name is Micheal Seamas [pronounced mee-hawl shay-muss]. I joined this forum primarily because the majority of my work and what I have written has yet to be published and from what I have seen of Ea, Orlee, and Asenath, this is the place where it would be received without condemnation. I am a rather solitary person and seldom engage in group activity, however I have decided to make a deliberate attempt to reach out to the community and see how I might be able to help. For those of you who are blessed and privileged with the ability to read and comprehend what I am disclosing, I look forward to speaking and interacting with you.


Thank you for doing an introduction.

What kind of magick do you practice? You haven’t really told us anything beyond your name.

Most recently I have been reading about and working through the Qliphoth.

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How long have you worked that system? There are many here have also worked through them and have made some good threads about their experiences that you might find interesting.

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I have been reading about it on and off over the past year. If you wanted serious work done I would refer you to Asenath Mason.

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Try making posts entirely with lolcats if people struggle, works for me! :smiley:

Just kidding, welcome to the forum, will be sending useful info-packed PMs probably tomorrow (lolcat reply optional). :smiley_cat:


Thanks for the welcome.

I have to fill out an absurd amount of paper work and will thus be unable to browse the forums today.