Good afternoon, my name is Chip, I’m from California and I am brand new to the world of Magick… I was first introduced to it by my sister years ago and at first I was completely closed off to the idea, but as the years of gone on I have become more open minded and taken an interest. As I said I’m brand new so I am still researching and I’m not sure what area interests me the most as of yet… But demonology is a topic that seems to be sticking out… Looking forward to expanding my knowledge and power

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So what changed over the years to open up your mind?

Welcome to the forum.

Just various instances and circumstances over the years that cannot be explained through “conventional” means. More specifically I’ve had quite a few instances of; forgive my lack of a better term; deja vu, or premonitions. Also, intense feelings of something happening even though I am miles away. In my research trying to explain theses things it has lead me to here.

Cool, there’s actually a lot of diverse subjects discussed in here so I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking :slight_smile: