Hi my name is Jose, I’m from California and live in the Central Valley, barely turned 17 years old and I am trying to get emancipated out of family because of how much they abuse me and no one not even the child protective services can do anything so I’ve thought of every thing to try and leave, so far my partial workings with these Gods have really influenced me to learn and use them in my daily life,this is the first year that I started to practice the left hand path or black magic so that I can improve my life and be independent, i am coming from a catholic family which now I have left for 3 years and i have been baptized and I don’t know if that means I’ll have a harder time connecting with demons or they won’t come to at all, the people that I live with are catholic and wonder if they also are the reason why a demonic god won’t talk to me, I have trouble evocating and invoking because the lack of knowledge, which is why i have joined this forum to gain Knowledge from magicians on this forum and possibly you, anyways really could use a personal mentor in helping and teaching me the left hand path

Welcome to the forum. Here is my thread you might useful.