I am fairly new to the LHP.
I reside in Colorado decided to seek demons because no one truly helped me with what I was going through.
To summarize and not bore you guys…I went through almost a full year of unexplained, undiagnosed, uncured health issues. Saw over 12 specialists concerning many “out of the blues” health issues and none ever found anything not even after bone marrow biopsies.
So…I decided to listen to what people/friends kept saying. They said that maybe I was cursed/hexed. After visiting with 6 different witches/curanderos/shamans and getting about the same answer and description of the person causing all this pain and health issues and after they tried to help me get better without fully succeeding; I decided to become my own witch and seek revenge.
I ended up taking 3 or so demon based courses and well here I am!

Mysteriously head, heart, digestion, bone and blood issues are gone. From having bruised legs to life threatening low blood platelets now I am back to normal.

I have worked with:


and most recently Buer and Amduscias…
but I need help/advice

When ever I petition something, for example: to get rid of a family member’s headaches and joint aches the following day or in minutes the pain stops…and they are fine for coupled of days and then they get pain again. I re do candle/spell and once again they “heal” but then they go back to the same thing. Or even with business…I ask for everything to flow and more work then…week or so later baaam a work truck brakes down or some set back happens.

mmm…I can’t hear or see demons but I do feel the energy at times and random thoughts or ideas come to mind. I sometimes fear that maybe I am not really contacting them…yet how do you explain my petitions to be granted asap?

Also… a faster way of getting rid of who keeps sending curses my way?? Apparently everything is being returned back at her but more to her kids and yet she won’t stop.


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Welcome to BALG. Check out the sites search engine. Very interesting story, your on the right track keep going, you will eventually beat the hex back and come into your own strenghs and find your own path.

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