Hi guys I’m looking to learn more on spirit invocation and offerings … Glad to be here

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Welcome to the forum.

Please tell us a bit more about yourself, as this doesn’t quite meet our requirements for an introduction.

What, if any, magick do you practice? What is your experience? Are you a beginner? What are your current struggles? What goals are you looking to use magick to help with?


For two years I’ve being doing candle magic, prosperity and purification rituals.the spells I cast I would say they have been successful enough can’t complain.
I am a beginner.
I’ve always wanted to work with spirits but don’t have enough courage to start hence I find this forum useful. I need to know which deities can I use as a beginner,the magic circle to use and so on.
I am a businessman and want to be very successful in my field and magic has been my aid since and I want to develop in my spiritual journey.

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Thank you for the additional information.

You will certainly find plenty of information here on a variety of spirits that can help with your goals, so don’t hesitate to use the search function in the upper right and ask questions if you don’t understand something .We’re pretty friendly here and won’t bite unless you ask nicely :slight_smile:

Enjoy the ride!


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