Hello, I am very new to this and I’m here because I believe someone I hire to help with an issue in my life used magick… let me explain

I hire a guy who ask me to buy a note book and write statements such as “I am …” And read them everyday he also had me taking cold showers, practicing focusing my energy and work with moving it around in my body and stop fapping .

This guy was very spiritual and at first I thought what I was doing was weird but then things started happening. I got scared and decided to research what I was doing deeper before I continue.

I tried asking him but he was very short with his answer but one day I joking told him I started faping again and he told me a demon feeds off wasted sperm and it took a lot for me to get that much out of him.

After researching on the internet I have been lead here and I’m trying to wrap my head around everything . Can someone please explain to me these things he had me do ? and how it’s related to magick and spirits ? did I summon a spirit ?

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No, you did not summon any spirits. Everything that this person you hired told you to do only served the purpose of increasing the amount of energy produced by the body. That’s it. All you did was raise your level of chi.

It’s relation to magick and spirits is that the more energy you produce, the more attention you will attract from various beings. Having a lot of energy at your disposal makes spiritual contact easier.

I don’t know what tradition this guy practices, but I do know that the idea of a demon feeding off of “wasted” sperm is merely religious programming against masturbation, and is found in many religions around the world. It is not true.

My advice for you would be to learn a banishing ritual and perform it twice daily, once upon awakening and once before going to bed. As I said above, producing a lot of energy will attract attention, and there are some types of spiritual parasites that will attempt to feed off of this energy. Learning a banishing ritual will prevent that.


Thank you for the reply. The guy is strong Christian, he wanted to go deeper but wanted to charge me alot of money.

Also what do you mean by spiritual parasites ? how would they feed of my energy ? is there any way to attract good attention with this energy ?

I apologize if these questions are dumb or don’t make sense.

Spiritual parasites are just like the physical variety. They latch onto your aura and feed off of the energy you produce. They are lower astral wildlife and most just float around randomly looking for a meal. You can attract them regardless of your intentions, in the same way that swimming in a lake can bring you in contact with a leech.

Yes, you will also probably attract the attention of higher level beings as well, but you still have to take responsibility for your spiritual hygiene. As I advised, learn a banishing ritual, and also learn how to manipulate your energy and harden your aura.


thank you for your advice

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