Hello everyone, I am not sure where to start. I was a skeptic, the most occult thing I ever invested in was my belief of nature. I grew up on the woods and believed certain animals would carry messages etc. I used to meditate and be a kick ass lucid dreamer, if I may quote Robert Doeback from the movie step brothers “I lost my dinosaur.” I have overcome addiction but depression and anxiety has done a number my whole life. After many doctors I decided what was missing is looking beyond myself and acknowledging the forces I can’t see. I was raised catholic but never bought in. I don’t identify as a satanist, pagan, or anything but the concept of living your life and letting others live there’s as long as they do not harm is more my speed. I have had some experiences that can’t be explained so I began by googling occult…

So I ended finding here and lurking this seems like a wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable community. I did my first ritual which I will make a seperate thread since this is already a novel and I want to follow the etiquette. I look forward to being a part.

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Welcome to the forum.


You are very welcome here.
Sit down and get comfy *passes a cup of tea to @WindowHorse *

This place is the tits .

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