Hello to everybody, my english in not perfect so its normal to have some mistakes.
my name is Allfather, i have connections with the norse gods like Odin, Thor and Tyr, i am a born medium and my rode to the spirit world was with reiki , i started with 2 years old and when i was 12 i had already surpassed by far the level 3. A few years passed and at my 16 i had the first experience with the norse gods

my interest here is to share my experiences and read and respect all other people experiences

my ambitions are to reach my road, my mission in life, my biggest problem is still expecting other people will understand what i say and do

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Welcome @Allfather

Where are you from?

Sorry, but I find this extremely improbable. There’s no way you were doing Reiki at two years old. Children don’t even start to develop cognitive memory until the age of three.

How long have you been practicing magick?

Do you have any experience with systems or traditions outside of the Norse pantheon?