Hello my name is dozo I am French I am new to all things magic I have djinn invocation techniques that I can not yet use I currently live with my parents all started when I was little and that I saw 3 demons in a barn and that I saw them magnificent with a strong gravity and I put felt well I do not speak English I use a translator

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Dozo

Do you have any practical experience at all in magick, or are you starting completely from scratch?

If you do have some experience, what have you tried so far?

If you have no experience, what ares of magick are you interested in learning?

I start from zero in the magic I have already tried to invoke belial but beelzebuth and come twice in my dreams there was plenty of flying insect beelzebuth my already own by him when I was young I will continue to the invoke until he shows himself completely to me

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Welcome to the forum.

Thank you

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