I previously lost the google account I had from my previous account so I can’t access it and don’t want to go into to much detail about myself again lol

But in summary I’m an initiate of the Black Sun and Black Cross, Necromantic Vampyric Draconian tradition and Egyptian Sethian, and Osiris based Magick through Qliphothic workings and alchemical processes accompanied by Jungian psycho analytical methods.

I’m currently developing a relationship with Santa Muerte, Qayin, and Senor La Muerte. I intend to work on developing my ability to lucid dream and learn oneiromancy for personal transformation and a deeper relationship with my subconscious. I’m also working on various writings projects and improving my expressive vehicles which transmit the energy and gnosis being taught to me through various other currents.


Welcome back !

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Thank you! :smile:

This you? :slight_smile:

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Yes it is

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