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Hey there! Pretty much making an intro lol I’m just a knowledge fiend for the dark side. Currently working with Hecate. Really would love to work with Lilith,feel like shes been calling me for a while now. If anyone has any suggestions, info or even if you’d like to share your experiences working with Lilith I’m all ears! Other than that I would love to learn alot more and hoping I could find what is meant for me. Blessed be :black_heart: :fire:


Nice to meet you! Welcome. :wave:

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Where do you hail from?

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Welcome @TwiztedAngel33 Please tell us about your magical experience. This post doesn’t really tell us anything.

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

What systems or traditions of magick do you have experience in?


Thank you! Right now I’m kinda trying to find myself and figure out which path I would like to go down. I know I have alot of gifts, I’m trying to control them and understand better. I’m open minded and just wanna learn different traditions and what not. Sorry I suck at intros lol but your reply made me think alot :slight_smile:

Welcome Twizted Angel… man, that’s a cool name… I would love to have a twizted angel for my dunge…eeeerrr … I mean, for my keep… ehm… I mean… oh nevermind what I mean…

walks away from his previous topic :laughing:

I would suggest, deepdive into the forum’s topics, you’ll find there a lot not just about Lilith, but about almost any topic you may search.

If I remember right as far as angels and ur dungeon you only get hugs for now :grin:

Also welcome @TwiztedAngel33 this place is super friendly doesn’t matter what path you follow. Hope everything goes well when you meet Lilith she’s Awesome.