I’ve been a member here for a long time but have lurked more than posted. Not sure if I ever did the obligatory post. So here goes.

I go by Mage. Have practiced magick in one form or another most of my life. I got involved in Santeria and have most of the initiations but left it for the most part.

Working with the demons has been very rewarding for me and am always looking for things that inspire me.

Things that interest me: Working with magick in business, Lenormand, Tarot (especially Oraculum Leviathan) and much more.

I’m looking forward to participating as I have the time.

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Thanks for doing an intro, @Mage. It’s appreciated, though it was not required, as you were a member here before the rule came into effect.

You mentioned you’ve mostly moved away from Santeria, so is there a particular system you mainly practice now?

I have been working with The Temple of the Ascending Flame materials and enjoy them. I find it refreshingly free of hype. And the workings have been very powerful.

An example would be that while working with Hecate, she gave me a sigil and ingredient list to do a working for a friend of my wife. It was for a job. I told my wife and she told me that he had just been let go of his job the day before. Blew us away. The working that I did per the directions of Hecate have produced a number of interviews that are very hard to come by. So we’ll see.

I’m exploring working with Angels and Demons together via: The Magic of Angels and Demons: Practical Rules For The Union of Power by Henry Archer. I’m drawn to this, not sure how it will work. Funny too as I’m not sure I like working with Angels. But this feels good to me.

I’m also very drawn to the work of Michael Kelly. I’ve read a few of his books and will likely pursue deeper study there as well.

How about you? What does your practice focus on?

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Currently, my main practice is the evocation system of EA Koetting, but in the last month or so I’ve been dipping my feet back into the original ceremonial systems I cut my teeth on, such as Hermetics and Enochian.

I enjoy Archer’s book myself, though I’ve only used it once thus far. It’s very simple and direct which I like.

I haven’t read any of Michael Kelly’s work though, other than the Kindle preview of his book Words of Power on Amazon, but I did find what I read interesting, as I’m beginning to explore the use of voice and mantra a lot more.

That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I have E.A.'s evocation course. I like it a lot. I haven’t got to the point of being able to evoke to full visibility but that hasn’t been all that important to me. Seems to work just as well when I feel them.

I had some fantastic experiences with Lucifuge Rofocale.He seemed to like to come in from behind me. He was extremely helpful.

Michael Kelly has a Patreon service too and he has a bunch of audios there. I have learned so much listening to him. I have the Words of Power book as well.

Maybe you can answer a question I have. In the book on Angels and Demons, it says that you can do a “ritual” once and not need to repeat it. That sits strangely with me. I’m used to calling a demon for at least a week straight - daily. Not just to ask for something, but to listen, ask questions, pathwork. So to think I can do something once is strange. Do you have any thoughts on that?

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In my opinion, when Archer is talking about only performing a ritual once, he is mainly thinking of beginners who lust for results so much that they think doing the same ritual request over and over again will speed things up. He may also be referring to the books by Damon Brand, where the majority of rituals are done for 11 days.

If you are calling the demon to learn from it, and to ask questions, then I don’t see why you couldn’t call the same spirit daily so long as it is agreeable.

Makes sense. Thanks.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

By the way, I was contemplating the idea of physical manifestation after our exchange of emails yesterday. I remembered that E.A. talked about it in his book of Azazel. So I jumped in and looked for it. And found it. Here it is in case it will benefit someone.

“If we are to accept that any sort of cosmic time can be considered objective and “real,” dependent only on the expansion of the cosmos and the theoretical increase in entropy, moving towards some critical mass at which point all things will again collapse into a singularity, then in those realms not subject to the various laws of thermodynamics, time cannot objectively exist, but is a mirage of the perceived passage of events. Although entities can assume visible, beholdable forms on this plane, the physical eyes do not see the demon, nor do the physical ears hear the fiend, but the perceptive faculties of the more subtle body correlating with the origin of that spirit translate the raw impressions to the meaty mind, which then distills the information to the mundane senses.”

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And I found more than I was expecting. We spoke of the book on Angels and Demons. The Angels mentioned are the Shem Angels. E.A. wrote about Metatron in the book of Azazel as well. Metatron being an Archangel.

Now I’m really interested in what these Angels/Demons paired, can do. I’m even interested in what each can do individually. And I can’t wait to hear where E.A. takes it as he moves into his work on Angels next.

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