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Hi, name is candy. I am from Venezuela but migrated to the Caribbean when I was a little girl. I have read about dark magic and spells. Did readings and did light magic (candles) on a guy once just to see if it works (it did). Now I want to further my knowledge and understanding.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested and welcome.

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Give us some more information, like:

Which is your favourite band?
Who is your favourite singer and why?
Have you ever heard of John Cooper-Clarke and if not, why not?

You can also give us information on your candle Magick and/or books you’ve read; explain your sudden interest in the left hand path and that sort of thing, if you like.

P.s. Welcome!

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As a dancer I do not have a favourite band or singer or song. I go with rhythms. And no I don’t know who is John cooper-clarke.
I only started candle magick. I normally do all manifesting with crystals

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Welcome to BALG. John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet who first became famous during the punk rock era of the late 1970s when he became known as a “punk poet”. He released several albums in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and continues to perform regularly.

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