Intro + Which angel/demon/spirit/entity/being/egregore?

I have never tried magick or had anything to do with occult before, but keen to learn.
I have been meditating for the last few months and keen to learn more about myself and the universe on this journey called life, and hoping occult is the answer to my questions.

First of all, what is ascension? How does one ascent? Has it got anything to do with trancendental meditation?

Human body has 7 chakra points. Right?
Human body is just a tool for our spirit? Right?
Our spirit is part of something larger, which is called infinite consciousness? Right?
Everything is connected? Right? e=mc2, flower of life, sacred geometry, fibonacci, bla bla bla…

I have many questions…

Welcome to the forum.

Tell us about yourself.

How old are you?

Do you have any experience at all in magick?

Some quick answers:

  1. No, Ascent has nothing to do with TM…or it does. There are many ways to the top of the mountain, as they say.

  2. The number of chakras one works with depends completely on the particular system you follow. The most common system is that of 7, but some systems have 12, and some have as many as 16, and that is not including all the small tertiary chakras.

  3. The physical body is more than just a tool. It is the singularity that allows your spirit to expand. Without it, your Eternal Self could not fulfil its godhood.

PS: I edited your title and added “Intro” to it, as it is a rule here that every new member must introduce themselves.

Hello, thanks for welcoming me. I am 32 year old male and dont have any experience in magick.

Many ways to the top of the mountain, I have heard that before.

What is at the top though? Who put it there? What is the difference between someone who worships a rat or a cow, or someone who worships a “god”

Why is that mountain even there?
Why is it even a mountain, why is it not a pit?

Who created that chakra system? Who assigned a different demon to each chakra?
western occult traces back to babylon. What about indian demonology? What about chinese ? is it all the same just different names?

I have a mind like that… but does it matter?

We don’t think about the processes our bodies go through every day - they just do it automatically for us

I’m trying to treat magick the same way - I don’t care how it works… as long as it works and I don’t know how it will work but I will find out when it does

The Hindus.

New Agers (the Hindu assigned various gods of their pantheon to each chakra).

No one really knows. All we have are suppositions and the experiences of people who have gone further than most.


Not a Who. more like a What, the Eternal Source. And before you ask, no one truly knows what the Source is. People slap many different names to it, Yahweh, Satan, Lucifer, the Tao, etc, but it is really beyond all of these.

Okay, now you are just being silly. The “mountain” is a metaphor for the work required for spiritual progression, nothing more. It is figurative, not literal.

Some people like to dress up their favourite demons/gods in the faces of others pantheons (they refer to this as “masks”) and make all sorts of claims regarding their lineage but that doesn’t make it f act. More often then not, it is just an attempt to give legitimacy to their own beliefs with no verifiable evidence to back it up.

I don’t play that game, and view each spirit as its own distinct being. So a Chinese demon is NOT the same as a Western Demon, etc. Your mileage may differ.

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Well on this I would say if they are worshiping a normal rat or cow, the worshiper might just create a thoughtform or egregore in the likeness of that creature, but a deity may have much more power from the ages of worship they had devoted to them, and deities are self aware and able to create on their own, but many believe thoughtforms and egregores cannot create on their own.

Ascension means different things for different people, here some believe they will become Gods/titled Gods, others depending on the community believe ascension is breaking free from the reincarnation process or living a life with little to no form of negativity in the higher planes.

The human body depending on the individual has 7 chakras or more, some even less than 7, but those are only the “major” chakras as there’s thousands of minors that the majors rely on. Some even believe they removed their chakras either due to reading someone else do it or because they believe they do not require them.

The human body is not a tool for our spirit, you reincarnated into it the physical body is just as important as your spiritual and mental aspects.

That also depends on what you believe, I don’t believe my spirit is part of some infinite consciousness with everyone else.

The concept of everything being connected is the idea that everything at its basis is made of energy, pretty clear cut there, but some like to take it a step further and believe that everyone is part of the same source which I tend to disagree with.

One is a born entity (The God) and a rat or cow would remain a rat or cow, simply being worshipped, being worshipped doesn’t make one into a say “born” God, but one could be considered a titled God upon worship.

Thanks everyone. Now, I am more confused than before :)))

Just tell me, why do I have to go through years of hardship and fails and finally become so experienced in occult so I call myself a “living god”
If I have that power to begin with, I might just now declare myself a god. I dont need an angel or demon. That being said, I really want to work with or have some kind of supernatural experience, few years ago I would have wanted it so I can find out next weeks lottery numbers, but now I just want it for euphoric and blissful state, sort of what Sadhguru achieved, I read on here before that he is into occult and he always boasts about being in complete bliss 24/7.

I want a “nice” entity/god/egregore, I dont want to wake up with scratches and have nightmares (i read too many horror stories here)

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your input

You do have that power. However, it slumbers inside of you, buried under all the conditioning, neuroses, expectations, beliefs, biases, and animal needs you have accrued over the years. A lot of the spiritual process involves slowly peeling these layers away.

To paraphrase something Bruce Lee once said, "a martial artist (or occultist) is like a sculptor, slowly chipping away at the marble until the truth is finally revealed. "