Intro& very important PROJECT

Hello everyone. Im Evagelos from greece Very beautifull country with wierd people :sunglasses: I read balg since my birthday last september i wouldent consider myself an ametur but im not an expert. I have invoked lucifer,marbas,clauneck,sitri,gamory,murmur,Posidon,raphael and michael but i call him michahel. I plan to work with lucifuge belial Azazel aniel and gabriel learn pyromancy,element magic and exorcism .
I try to invoke daily but i got a little far from lucifer the last days he pushed me to cut smoking marijuana and im mad at him but i do respect him and will invoke him again as soon as i finish something else and keep it up 1 week now havent smoked and i try keep distance from my friends it has its concicuenses but i know it has to be done its just i feel so sad without it. My goals are to master myself and my reality,become as strong as possible physicaly&mentaly make much money to help my self my parents and poor people ( not for god and crap but for myself first i change me then the world) advance in martial arts to the point i can fight many people or wild animals, do traveling get knowledge ascent and the rest…

So first i want to state that australia is on fire you know and yesterday night i invoked michahel and told him to take care of it HE AGREED but nothing stoped .agais its to big for one angel so please if you want and care for this planet do a summoning of a strong god and ask him to help i would be greatfull to you.

Thank you i wish you fast progress becoming the best version of yourself


Welcome of forum.
Its not to big for him, Angels just sometimes work slowly. And he probably will work through more involvement of organizations.

I undrestand and i dont like asking for help but the planet is what we live in people and animals die and i realy dont care much about the people skum are everywhere nowdays but i get very upset when i see weak get hurt if its a woman child or animal for me at least its important. Now im not saying woman are weak its just they are more sensitive by nature and animals obviusly dont know well what to do when they get traped in fire.

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Welcome to the forum man, don’t be mad at Lucifer for helping you quit smoking, you’re being tested, maybe he’s only doing this to save you the finances to allocate elsewhere or to help you not to be so involved with friends. When I very first started my path I broke free from “normie” society and completely banished all my friends who didn’t meet my criteria. Like I said you’re learning life lessons don’t get upset but I understand at the same time driving you nuts because I’m a daily smoker.

He reapeted many times that i have to control my self and learn to handle money but it happened very fast … now mad when i say its just i feel a little distant due to that and i have some after effects of quitting like head pains mood swings and i feel angry all the time.

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Welcome to the Forum.
I quitted smoking weed in May 2019.
It worked best for me with Autosuggestions.

Welcome to the forum @Evagelos

What is the main system of magick you work in, and how long have you practiced?

@Evagelos welcome to the forum

With all due respect just like martial arts i view magick as a system with divided method’s. I dont think i can name the way i work but i can describe how i work.

Then please do so. You haven’t told us what, exactly, you practice, nor how long you have practiced it, just rattled off the names of a bunch of entities.

Knowing what a newcomer has experience in is an important part of an introduction.

I studied witchcraft at 2018 and brought the books ars goetia and complete book of witchcraft by raymon backland in greek translation whick does have errors due to being translated and proccesed i also have a book for angels but havent read it much. I really got serius into this path at 2019 when i found balg i made a notebook and writen incantations methods and info that i found important i also read much on V.K forum and joy of satan spended endless hours reading… i admid i had many disapointments on the path i was lusting for it other than not acting correcly until i started meditations, chakra/gate work and realy focused on it i have a small altar in my living room which i sleep i share the house with my mother and i told her i simply want it for meditation before i start my training… i have considerebly improved my life since of course problems and obstacles still exist and i do plan on making a pact with azazel or rofocale in the coming days after i get over 2 personal issues… the way i invoke is light candles incense an offering like blood alcool food take the bag which i hide my note cutten pieces of paper for sigils which i put to grim and burn when the task is over markers and a red string and then get to a deep trance state raise my vibracion and get to work i have devekoped communication i have almost clear solid conversation’s and visions . I usualy do 5 minute incantations on my balcony when i wake up about spells i have written 3 on my grimore but it seems i get half results and only when a god aids me the one i had big succes was E.A candle love spell which gamory aid me. I only summon at night since i feel more relaxed focused and im alone… i do banishing every 2 days i have performed the lesser banishing ritual a few times and have 2 incantations that work on a medium level which i often use i also have 2 clensing methods one for a salt bath and one chakra work… like i said im still developing would you like me to tell anything else? .

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for having me :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are blazing a new trail for yourself. It is not an easy thing to do, but the struggle only brings you strength in the end. Keep moving forward my friend.

As some already mentioned, angels can work slowly so I would not count Michael out just yet. There is also something hidden within tragedies that many miss: even with the large lose of life, there are opportunities for the people themselves (i am not going to touch on politics as that would be breaking a rule here on the forum) to improve how they live within their natural environment (not saying everyone is like that at all, but environments do change over time, which require adjustments for those who live in them). It is incredibly sad, but lessons can be learned that could save many more lives if individuals are willing to examine through the despair for the gems of wisdom within the experience. Perhaps part of the manifestation will be that many will learn from the tradegy.

Many practicioners dont like angels but i dont have a problem. Michael is strong i respect him he helped me improve and corrected some of my faults but i cant help but feel a demanding emotion to him … and yes you are absolutly right its just no matter how tough i am or want to show i am im still a soul in the body of a human i can understand what this people going through and i want to help even if it means counting on him and hes ways.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Do you, working with angels or otherwise. It is your path, keep on it.

I was more and less talking to help keep some hope alive. While it is easy to point out the flaws of humanity, there are plenty of good things as well. Our species can be amazing learners, when we pay attention. I think we have somewhere along the way lost that and, as horrible as they can be, try to view disasters such as these as a means to remind us to pay attention. I don’t know, a skewed form of optimism I guess lol

Anyways, I have danced close to certain lines far enough in this thread. So, welcome again and I will be looking forward to talking more in other threads :slight_smile:

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