Intro + Trying to commune with Bune

I want to commune with Bune for help with getting my books published and becoming an accredited author, and maybe having better financial stability where I’ll be able to finally move out of my uncles garage, get my taxes filed without owing so much and bring my wife from the philippines over to the U.S.


Welcome to the forum! Dutchess Bune can help with way more than finances btw like making you smarter and more business savy


Hi and welcome to the forum.


Are you an absolute beginner in magick?

It is a rule of this forum that all new members must post an introduction so I added “intro” to your title so this can stand as yours.

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thank you for your words of wisdom. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated milady or sir.

Tried that and didnt work sadly and i think its because i am trying to do extremely advanced magicks and also i am blessed with knowledge of higher beings that i am being blocked so i am trying to commune with more then just one deity. Thank you though for your knowledge. Also you know anything by chance about the workings of solomon as i have 5 books i am reading on the subject and having some trouble understanding it all. Any suggestions?

I gave a better introduction sir or milady as i dont know which you are. More about me and although i look like a beginner i am not so. I just lack the proper ingrediants or relics needed to achieve my goals plus awakening my third eye has been very hard. Only did it once but have since then seen all kinds of portals, transdimensional gateways and realms but i am not able to pass through them. Has that happened to you by any chance? Or is it different for everyone?

There is a powerful librarian in the forum. Just look up where you see the websites logo by you right eye. You see a search icon… That is her!:innocent:

Ask her anything, you will surely get a quicker response from her.

Thank you