Intro + Transparent flying entities (dragons, snakes, eggs, etc)


I’ve never done things many of you did, and I don’t plan to do. My beliefs might be different.

In the last year, I took psychedelics a few times.

The way I saw myself during my trips is one thing. What I might have done in other realities (based on regained memories) is another. I doubt you would believe half of it. I’m a skeptical person, so I’m still analyzing and processing it.


A few months ago, I started seeing entities when I’m sober.

I haven’t done any ritual I’m aware of: no mantras, no amulets, no candles.

I’m not talking about seeing entities in my dreams, during meditation, or astral travel. As I am typing this post, there is an entity on my left side, flying 10cm above the carpet in circles. I see them at any time. Either they are everywhere, or they follow me.

How do they look like?

The entities I see when I’m sober are transparent. I seldom see colors in them. The most common are dragons, snakes, eggs. Also, I’ve witnessed fishes and flat entities that reminded me of prehistoric crabs from the ocean.

The eggs are a perfect sphere. They don’t look like chicken eggs but fish eggs. When they are large, I see two distinct layers in them.

Most, if not all, of the entities have a tiny white dot in the middle of their “head”. In a dark room, I see the dot as bright light purple/violet.

They like following the walls and the floor and keep the distance. I’ve never seen them crossing the walls.

Sometimes, they start rotating, especially eggs. When they do that, the middle dot rotates too in a small circle.

Their size is between 1cm and 3m indoors. Outdoors I’ve seen larger ones but probably not larger than 10-20m.

I wouldn’t say they are flying. It seems we are living in a liquid that has thicker parts in it, like, gelatine. They can also be broken or torn apart. They don’t seem to care, but I don’t do that by intention either.

I can move them with and without touching them, but there is no physical sensation, or it’s way too subtle.

I spent the last months figuring out whether they are real. I know all the possible optical illusions of the human eye. As far as I can tell you, they are real and seem alive but not in the way as physical creatures.

On psychedelic forums, people seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. Someone recommended me this forum.



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