Intro to myself and thanks to Sallos

Hello everyone,

I’ve read that it’s customary to give an introduction of yourself so I’ll start. My name for this forum is Saturn K59 and though the metaphysical has always held an extreme interest for me, I just began taking my spiritual journey here very seriously approximately a few months ago. Not gonna lie, a guy has been pretty much the main reason for that. One thing that I am really trying to master right now is evocation and being able to sense, see, and hear the demon’s presence. Thankfully I have heard that Sallos is one of the more patient goetia.

This bring me to my thanks to Sallos. A few months ago I had a spell with his great assistant cast to bring this man back to me after not being in contact for quite a while (months at a time) and despite him living in a different city and one day, out of nowhere it was like he couldn’t wait to see me. I unfortunately missed that chance since I was already out and about at the time and not able to see him immediately but no matter, Sallos came through with his end of the deal and I am truly grateful.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: