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I’ve studied several spiritual paths over the past 5 years, primarily Shinto Kaballah and Vedic systems.

I’ve learned a few practical tools along the way like tarot reading, lightwork and divination; my learning method is generally to dive in and ‘do’ versus studying from a book or video. I’ve helped friends along their own path to self understanding and self healing with these tools, but I don’t consider it to be a calling or vocation.

My background is in history, technology, education, politics and the art of public persuasion. Learning spirituality was a practical tool on my path to self-healing and self-understanding.

Left hand path studies have come more recently, as a practical extension of my path towards self-understanding. I have no interest in pathworking; I prefer to follow my intuition versus following in someone else’s footsteps.

What I appreciate about left hand path studies is an openness to knowledge, inquiry and self improvement that is lacking in many spiritual and philisophical traditions.

What I don’t appreciate as much is a left half path philosophy that presupposes that all human acts emerge from selfishness, a focus on heirarchy and and exaltation of might makes right, and invocations/rituals that often have unwelcomed side effects.

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Welcome to the forum.

Glad you found this place, welcome to the forum.

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Thank you for the greetings/welcome.