Intro + Thank you to Dantalion and Sallos

Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum and I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dee and this is all so very new to me. After planning a life with my love and soulmate, he left without a word leaving me to pick up all the pieces of my broken heart. He’s been through a lot and I’ve known him for years so it was definitely our of character for him. Anyway, I tried everything, the begging, the calling, the pleading, losing my dignity by doing so and it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I started looking to take the left hand path that I started to see results. I began working with Dantalion and Sallos both of whom I am eternally grateful. After months of no contact, I initiated once more and got a reply. This one week after inviting Sallos and Dantallion into my home and heart and asking them to please return my loved one to me. Now it’s only been small contact as of now but very sweet and kind and I don’t believe for a second I could have done it without the help of Sallos and Dantallion. I promised to thank then publicly and to spread the word about their generousity and I am ever so grateful for even the smallest contact as I know in my heart, it will grow to more. Thank you Dantallion and Sallos, from the bottom of my heart! I’ve been seeing signs, synchronistic numbers and everything I shuffle my tarot cards, the ten of cups either flips out or is at the bottom of the deck and that is Dantallions card! I am already so elated and wanted to share my experience with you all. It all starts out small but the smallest beginning results leaves me feeling so humbled and grateful. I highly recommend working with Dantallion and Sallos and I look forward to keeping them in my life and heart to learn from them and to always spread their generosity. I’m very grateful that I took the left hand path and will continue to do so. I wish you all the very best in all of your spiritual endeavours as well. Much love to you all! Hail Sallos! Hail Dantallion!

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Welcome to the forum.

I added intro to your title and moved your thread to the New Magician and Intro section so members will know you did one as per our rules :blush:

Ohh thank you so much DarkestKnight! I’m so sorry I didn’t even realize that but thank you so much for the help! :hugs:

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