I have been following the “left handed” path for a few years now. Love, love, love learning - maybe because I’m a Gemini. I always said my whole life I hated religion & the while learning Demonology I really immersed myself into it! I guess I don’t consider this religion but I’d loved to hear others thoughts on it!

I am gifted in manipulating energy. In the way of sending or taking… Making it the way I want it to be. Hardest part for me so far is using my blood on seals. I’d love any suggestions with that!!!

I’m in several groups (anything to do w/ this path I chose) on FB because I want to learn from every aspect or hear with others think.

Friend me if you’d like Talia See on FB
Thanks & lovely to meet you~~


Greetings and welcome to BALG. If you have questions there are many posts/links on rituals, and basic occult knowledge, check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You will find the answer.