Intro + Sword of Moses

Hi Guys,

I am new here but my topic is related to sword of moses i am currently using sword of moses, and its effective in my day to day life. Here the thing is i want to know how to use it more properly already i have required visions, spiritual talks and so on so any one who could help me will result beneficial in spiritual way as i may also have some sort of experiences.


Please don’t forget to do an intro, that helps members know what your past experience has been and what will be most helpful. :+1:


oh sorry i didn’t introduce. My name is Cibi from India, currently working in middle east as i mentioned my topic is related to sword which i need a kind of support because i want to use it properly for my family life, to look after my mother, because daily life i am facing so many issues due to forces which i need get rid of .


Are you a beginner in magick? You haven’t told us anything about your experience.

PS: I added “intro” to your title so others won’t ask you to do one.

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I am just a beginner in magic i dont know much but the topic attracted me and i started myself. The messengers came to me to testify on the first day of opening the book itself. It rained on my request. basically i started this because of daily issues of unknown forces in my family life every day.


Even jesus christ is related to sword so you could have imagined how far we can go with this.

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Thank you for expanding upon your experience, and welcome to the forum.

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Thanks a lot

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Would you kindly answer my questions, please?

Seriously? How do you use it?

How did you get the book too? (Cuz it’s rare)
And do you have the version of the book that has the real names? (Cuz those on sales aren’t so complete or the names not well written)

Or there is another Sword Of Moses you’re talking about which I don’t know? Can you say more about it?

Kindly. Thanks.

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Yes i am using it. There is version from moses gaster which is not full so i refererred it from yual herrari and its mostly working fine with but i need someone who using it to have more knowledge


Joseph H. Peterson’s translation is online at the esoteric archives/Twilit Grotto.

I used it and it was raining outside my window yesterday and as i mentioned the sky formed a symbol too. I was amazed. This version has some unique power.