Intro + Summoning satan

Hello. So I’m new here and fairly new to being a satanist and I’ve been having some troubles trying to contact satan through one on one talking and there is not to much on satan himself that I can find, it would help if I can have some powerful incantations or some rituals to start and maybe some information you have on him. Thanks

Also, a little bit of a background on me, I’ve been into a Christian household my entire life and knew from a young age that it wasnt for me but soon realized that I did for a fact believe satan was real (even though it was based on the Christian belief) but by around winter 2019, I had gotten into the craft, then later found out my grandma was into Indian medicine and it was in my family through generations, but the interesting thing was that it only went into the females and the females that are into the craft or Indian medicine have a scar under their boob (including me) and we were all born with it of course but it seems to look like a scratch, scar
birthmark all in one. But most of my family members apparently talked to satan and stuff, but I still dont know too much. Anyways I’ll answer to my best abilities!

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@DarkestKnight isn’t this a good introduction?

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An option is to look at this sigil and repeat Satan’s enn “Tasa reme laris Satan - Ave Satanis”.

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2018 OMF I’m sorry!!!

Winter 2019 means the beginning of 2019.
January and February 2019 is winter of 2019.

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