Intro + Summoning, Invoking, Evoking, And Conjuring of Angels, And Other Divine Spirits

Anybody here who has the capacity ,capability ,and the knowledge of decrypting the Chicken Kabbalah,The Greater Keys Of King Solomon,And the Sixth And Seventh Book Of Moses,please get intouch,need people with Ancient Hebrew knowledge ,from Abrahamic,Mosiac,Solomonic,down to Yashua lets get interacting.

I am Avraham Bin Hamidi,born and raised into a fertish traditional home,but my exploring mind and interlective nature as well curious way of lifelif has often cinnected me to a higher realms,and my intuition akways tells me the world goes beyound i have been thought. I love spirits,higher divinitied most especially when they are of right hand,or good divinities,i am drawm mostly to the heavenly angels,but have never had a practical opportunity of surmoning,invoking or conjuring an angel or whatsoever spirit to appear in this plains. But i believe with the caliber and kinds of great people here i do meet my kind as to take on the journey suitable for the benefit of mankind and nature.

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^ my stuff. And many more I learnt and know about but not common as those listed.

Hello,i am glad i have someone on my topic,which common ones have you access to,would love us to share knowledge and as well work some practical arts if you don’t mind,wht fields if the art do you practice more oftn,or even specialized in

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The part I specialized in can’t be discussed publicly or to anyone but to an initiate like me.

But these parts listed, and those I mentioned, I’m very good in. Even some of the seals in Moses books are tweaked. Same with that of Solomon. No need of getting metal or the ceremonies mentioned in the book, yet not to be abused.

Talking about Arts…I know about Pauline, Almadel, Trithemius, and some other stuff.
And they are the common ones I have access to here.

How about you, do you know of 'em, work or practice with any?

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