Intro + Sigil appeared on car window overnight

I recently have been learning about the occult, black magick, as well as some wiccan traditions. I have been attempting to make myself known to spirits as well as other things. I feel a draw towards such things and went out to my car one morning about a week ago and found this perfectly symmetircal sigil drawn onto my car window as well as a smaller version drawn onto my front windshield. I have been doing research but am unsure of what the sigil means- if anyone can make out what it is or has any knowledge of what it could mean it would be appreciated. Thanks

Welcome. It is a rule of this forum that all new members must post an introduction, so I added “intro” to your title so this can stand as yours, but please tell us a bit more about yourself.

How long have you practiced? What types of magick are you interested in?

I very recently have become interested in black magick. When i was a kid i believe an entity was following my brother and i- this was due to odd dreams where i would see a black clocked figure standing over my brother or real physical happenings such as seeing 2 of my brother in the same house (just in different rooms) as well as seeing red eyes and sharp teeth with my older brother through a dark crack in a bed when we were very young. As a kid i was told it was my imagination or just a dream, and i feared the darkness and the unknown. But over the years i have realized i am drawn to magick, both the naturistic aspects of the wiccan beliefs (i love and respect all things in nature and believe everything created by nature has a soul) and also with black magick. My father is very christian so he does not support this at all and has always tried to steer me away from all things demonic. I am not interested in causing any unrighteous harm but i do infact believe we are all living gods and we may work with the entities to help us. Things my boyfriend and i have tried (he was the one who inspired me to get more into black magick bc he is studying the practices too- he has the book with 9 books in it) have been a few rituals asking spirits for favors by drawing the sigils and using an altar/candles while saying evocations and following steps from the book. another is i have drawn sigils for protection and enchanted them with water charged by a full moon as well as i provided a blood offering to any spirit listening in apologies and forgiveness for a possum i had tapped with my car and injured (sounds silly but this goes back to my extreme reverence for nature and anything with a soul). Soon after all of these as well as trying to just speak into the open air to entities, this sigil appeared on my window one morning. I am highly curious of what it could mean and what i should take from it/go from here.


Thank you for expanding a bit more about yourself, and welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:


Unknown sigils appearing on your car windows? It appears someone has created there own sigil for there own use.

Or this could be an Illuminati conspiracy of putting mystery symbols on your car.

Interesting, would there be any reason someone would put this sigil on my car? The only other people that know about my practicing is my boyfriend and his friend that doesnt even know where i live:/

It could be a response to your rituals leading you to an answer.

Right, i will look more into that. I thought maybe it was a response to my rituuals, i just wish i knew what the sigil itself meant/stood for.

The only person who would know would be the person who created the sigil and all its hidden meanings.

Very true, i will attempt more rituals to help me uncover the meaning of the sigil. Thank you for your responses.