Intro of a lurker

So I’ve been lurking around this forum for quite a few months now, and finally decided to create an account as I want to pursue greater paths and dive deeper into magic.
The name is Slick and currently I would still classify myself as a total beginner , I know a few things but I cannot seem to produce results or I have no idea if I ever had results and just didnt notice. Still very much unaware if I make things work or not. I mainly focus on money magic and would love fast results, as I am in a situation where desperate means are needed. I came here to seek guidance to better my situation and make fast results. I do not want to share my personal story as I’ve seen a few around here and I do not want to seem like I am begging for a quick buck from any of you. All I want is proper guidance or offers of potential jobs. I do not want handouts as that is not what I seek. I seek opportunities and info to better my path. If I share my personal story it will seem like a well made sob story and most likely will touch one of you and that is not what I came here for as I know everyone is dealing with their own stuff too it’s best if I remain anonymous in that sense. I may cross as arrogant in that sense but I want to put things in a general basis where a magician meets another regardless of position background and etc. I came to seek information and to correct my flaws not get easy way outs. I apologize if I come off as offensive , I just simply stated my reasoning on why I decided to finally make an account here. As I would love to get in touch with a few of you who I’ve seen around in this forum who I think can help me get into the path that I wish to take and discover. also English is not my mother tongue forgive me if translations didnt go as I intended it to be.

Thank you in advance for those who are willing to help me out and give me further information.
I’ve abused the search icon and used the money & law tag for quite sometime and this time around I would like to receive personal guidance as simply reading other posts and trying what I saw in it doesn’t seem to work for me.

I hope you get a good grip of what kind of person I am and read into what I really am, I do not wish to offend anyone I simply want to learn and discover more and if possible a job as I said desperate situations , I have no idea if I am already breaking the rules and regulations with this posts. but desperate times desperate means.

Please guide me into having a good transition and advancements in magic.

I mainly wish to work with these entities Clauneck Belial Mammon Nitika Bune Lucifuge Rofocale and many more but I would love to focus on any of them first.

Thank you in advance.

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