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Hello BALG!
I’m here to find/converse/share with like-minded individuals. I’m male, 30, married. I practice blood magick and necromancy and have done so for about 5 yrs.

I’m currently working on what I believe is a new theory with regards to blood and magick but as some wise guy once said “ain’t a thing new under the sun!”

Look forward to learning and sharing views with you all


Do you practice any specific system of necromancy and blood magick?

I practice necromancy mostly for divination and currently mostly animal. Blood magick my focus is mainly on electromagnetism and energy used for opening doorways

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@DarkestKnight thanks for the welcome

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Welcome to the forum! :grin:

@Khat Hi and thank you for the welcome!

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum!

@Aprentiz Hello and thank you for the welcome!

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@Dankquanicus Appreciate the welcome. Hello and thank you!

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