Intro + New to NAP. Is it right?


I joined this community to seek help in my new journey :slight_smile:

I am completely new to NAP, just obtained and already finished the book.

I printed the step by step guide from thefoolspeaks and I am doing the ritual every evening at 11:30 pm .

I just do the simple relaxation as per guide, then invitation for NITIKAH. So far; honestly; I did not feel anything besides relaxation during the “point A” ritual. People report special feelings in the back or legs but I don’t have anything like that.

I do not doubt the system, but I am certain I am doing something wrong.

Can anyone give some advice or tips on how to get better at this?

I have no bad intentions when doing invocations, I strongly believe it will work, but so far - nothing. Maybe cause it’s only couple of days since I started?

Also; the main question is:

I turn of the light in the room, put on the flashlight on my phone about 2 meters from me, do the relaxation and then with the open eyes I read the invocation from the printed paper. Do I have to close my eyes and read the invocation from my memory?

Can I assume you’re a beginner?

NAP is great but I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.

Hi! Yes you are correct :slight_smile: I am a beginner in this.

I started with NAP cause many forums mentioned that’s it’s extremely beginner friendly. Or otherwise “foolproof”

It depends on the beginner. :slight_smile: Have you tried any of the Gallery of Magick grimoires instead? They’re extremely easy to get started with, much easier than NAP ime.

However, from the looks of it, you need to stop worrying about the details, and learn to relax about them.

I’d suggest learning to manage your own thoughts and your vibrational frequency because that is going to be the biggest factor in how well your rituals produce the results you want. Abraham Hicks will give you all you need for this aspect.

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Welcome @Mugetsu. It is a rule of this forum that all new members must introduce themselves. Since you have stated that you are a beginner in magick and this thread is in the correct category, I added "intro to your title so this can stand as yours.

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Hi! Thanks a million for the correction and sorry for not being attentive!

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