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I am new here. I am currently living in Northeast Florida. I am in my late 40s. I was raised as a christian in the deep south as a child. After having many many lucid dreams with different entities (such as Lucifer) appearing I figured it is time I stop being afraid and take the plunge. I can’t wait to expand my education, knowledge and understanding.


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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick, or just beginning your journey?


I am just beginning… I say that but in 1984 my mother had a church come to rid our house of “demons” and I remember seeing a face like a ghost face in the kitchen. I screamed at I just stared at it and I could see it looking at me. I blocked it for a long time and I started having dreams about a month ago and that face is very vivid now. I kept hearing “do not be afraid” when I would wake up. My dreams with Lucifer were very vivid with him standing over my bed in a lucid dream then I was talking with him asking him questions. He appeared as an attractive mid 30s white male. This last dream was very very real to me.

I am ready to learn.



Why not go back to a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself? Well, that makes sense to me - you miserable sinner!

Anyway, welcome and enjoy yourself. And learn how to use the Search function (top right hand side) because there’s a massive amount of great information here and on the YouTube presentations by E.A. Koetting.



Welcome to the forum! Use the search button and start to discover stuff.

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If you saw a “demon” face in the kitchen, you could have untapped skills at hand.

Check out clairvoyance and related topics to help with the communication part. I blocked mine almost completely as a kid, but it definitely helps.

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Welcome Jax1!

I can relate to the being raised a christian in the deep south.I was raised in the literal buckle of the bible belt (Greenville,SC with Bob Jones university)

I like to break down to occult to any other skill in life.

Listen, the fact that any spirit is reaching out to you is great, keep things simple though.

Have you looked into any training to improve certain skills?

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I have been looking around but not selected training. I have just been reading books. Funny I lived in Greenville SC for 2 decades before moving to Florida.

What do you most want to accomplish in life?

For me - to be free, happy and learning. I really want to learn from the Spirits and understand what is magick and how to use it to grow.