Intro + Need help!

New here. No idea about the area but desperate to get my ex back and I’ve tried everything else! Any tips or advice VERY welcome!


If you search through the old threads, you should find quite a bit of useful info. This is one of those topics that crops up fairly regularly, so we’ve plenty of info on it


There’s so many, it’s just very overwhelming! No idea where to begin or which to choose!

Begin with belial or candle spells :blush:


Is this your introduction? You have already made a thread regarding your ex .

Do you have any experience in magick?

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No experience. I didn’t realise I had to introduce myself first; sorry!

No problem. I added “intro” to your title so this can stand as yours.

However, please keep in mind that duplicate posts are against forum rules and you have already made one thread about getting your ex back so please do not open more on the same topic.