Intro + Need help with Archangel Michael, wtf happened?

I don’t remember 75% of what happened for a week in a clear way, so I was considering possession. But wait: Do angels possess people? When i was at the hospital line this huge light creature with the sword was trying to get to my friend. He wanted to destroy my friend. Completely. I told him (michael) that it was not right to do so. He was furious at me. Then I really went wven more bananas. Sorry folks, the whole thing is not linear as I was not fully in control all the time

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If your friend was taken over by Lucifer, then imo, Michael wanting to destroy him makes absolutely no sense, unless he was testing you as well

I am not exactly sure if Angels possess people. But this is quite surprising. Also you could have been in panic mode so it would be nice to calm down and just re-call the whole experience you had with your friend.